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ESRB Rating: Pending
ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, and Strong Language
ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Strong Language


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  • Witch jade 💞

  • Bring in John Wick and his pencil fatality. 😂

  • Raider consulting elder gods colorized

  • I'm boerd maybe this game sucks.

  • Why does he have to cost money.?

  • I want the scorpion skin from the trailer B

  • Blade should be in a dlc that would be litt.

  • Sub-Zero: Don't worry Hasashi this infernal machine can't possibly be as bad as it's hyped up to be. Terminator: Aye ahm dah hype! Sub-Zero: ................😨😧 ..... Scorpion: KILL HIM!!

  • Says to mortal combat owners/ publishers "Shut Up and take my money"😍🤩🤓, with that being said they had to bring back Shang Tsung he's a vital part in the mortal combat universe as the supreme antagonist and villain.

  • Joker relese in my birthday

  • The hype this trailer charged me with is why im so disappointed in the end result

  • Put kratos (god if war) in the game

  • Put Kratos (god of war) in the game

  • Thx netherrealm for fucking me over with the endoskeleton mode, from the hits in the trailer he would be dead, the most pointless variation, cause it took 2 slots of the abalities and weak as fuck...

  • Oof too much action to Digest 1:23 *OOF* Again just TOO MUCH

  • To get the Joker right you need: - 3 skins; Jack Nicholson (make sure you include the hat) , Heath Ledger, & Joaquin Phoenix. - Voiced by Mark Hamill - Better fatalities than the Terminator, his suck.

  • Most devs put this type of content into the game as an event type thing, but not for MK11... At least now it's clear as ever how future stand out skins are gonna be delivered, just strait up cash. Everything is coming more and more clear, explains why the initial skins were so few and just filled in with collor variants to make it look like there's plenty. Game+kombat pack aparently is not enough these days. Smh.

  • Am i the only one who loves the "dink" soudn when he headbutts the shit out of Jax?

  • Yyyy

  • Get-over-there

  • Fatality Terminator Atrás, adelante, atrás X Abajo , derecha , abajo B De nada

  • I’m disappointed in this tbh

  • This game is slow & the variations suck🤷

  • Hold the spine fuckers!!!

  • Now, that is what I call a F%$#ing trailer!

  • 2018: "Joker in Smash!" 2019: "Joker in MK11" (I know both Jokers are different)

  • I wish we had this look for Terminator (the glowing eye) in the game as his default.

  • Sup

  • Why is this not in the Kombat Pack!? Fuck you im not buying season 2! >:(

  • MKX:Who's next MK11:Your next MK12:Who's me MK13:Yeah you

  • I think it would have been hella dope to see Green Ranger as a dlc fighter. He has fought Scorpion and Ryu on Super Power Beat Down, I think Green Ranger would oddly fit in the MK universe. #Dragonzord 🐉

  • Fucking awesome💪💪💪

  • Love her

  • Stephanie deep ass voice lol

  • Kid: makes action figures beat up each other Kid’s imaginations: 1:35

  • Joker looks less like the joker and more like a male Harley Quinn.

  • Que asco pagamos por el juego y aún asi nos piden pagar más por lo que debería estar incluido

  • Lui Kang looking like Day of the Dead, lmao

  • espantoso joker

  • The fact that premium owners still have to pay for this pack says a lot about NRs micro transactions.

  • Well Lot's of D'Vorah gonna died

  • If he said Asta Lavista Baby I'd cream my pants.

  • Why only 3 characters get skins? Every single one should have a helloween skin. This is just lazy nrs.

  • Kabal as a costume like the candy man🐝 or maybe the candy man in self A playable character dlc😱😱😱

  • I just want Mileena back.

  • bloody mary skin for skarlet

  • Wished they put zombie Liu Kang as a skin. Like in Deception.

  • I looked and I do not see that outfit for terminator. Is that going to be released when the movie drops? It's what he wears in the new film🤔

  • This is one of the coolest skin packs!)) I will main Jade with this awesome costume!))

  • Nice, but kinda off, I dunno. Game is too different to the original theme and old era of MK.

  • How does skarlet not have a Halloween skin??

  • why i no get this with kombat pack

  • Liu kang the sans

  • I dont play with any of these characters, but I buy it to support it

  • Sounds effects are amazing with headphones 😘

  • Plz Your staff think new character: Leonidas 🔥

  • The official should buy Kenshiro to MK 11 or after

  • It would be sick if they also added Neo from Matrix and Chucky from Childs' Play in the future, Please do that!

  • Love Jade's outfit 😍

  • 日本のリュウは弱いな!俺を見ろ!絶対死なないぞ!

  • Is this not available for kombat pack owners ?

  • better than mk 11

  • An additional $8.95, fuckget that Jade’s the only decent one among them

  • “Buy now”? Should be free for those who bought the Kombat Pack - it will be in 12 months time 🖕

  • But do Kombat Pack owners get it for free?

  • It would be nice to also see Robert Patrick as the T-1000!

  • Asked one of my friends last night: "which TV legend do you think will be next to appear on a mortal kombat game?", he answered: "is has to be John Wick"

  • great smile!

  • Chop Suey really sums up the consequences of Raiden's mistakes from MK9

  • 0:44

  • Kabal doesn't look all that different from his default revenant look.

  • What if Kevin Wendell Crumb from Split and Glass was here in this game?

  • Should’ve used noob saibot...he’s literally the mk grim reaper. Missed opportunity right there🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • All we need is a RoboCop mod vs t800

  • *me trying to decrease the hp of opponent with arnold.. suddenly burns arnold..and then turns to metal skeleton boii *me : yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • why tf would u charge Kombat Pass owners for this skin pack?!?! It should be free!

  • Can we have metal in mortal kombat back? This shit weak

  • Yeah no, Im not forking over more money after what I paid for the base game and kombat pack.

  • Not included in the expensive DLC pack wtf !!! Why pay $5.99 extra

  • Why is this not free for people who own the premium version of the game? I mean yeah its only $5 hut when you payed $100 to get all dlc along with the additional game it's pretty frustrating :/

  • Terrible

  • wow fantastic jade

  • Is it free tho?

  • The Joker looks like a cheap porn actor from rule 34

  • Joker looks awful

  • Who else is annoyed that it is not included in the kombat pack?

  • They should put a reverse flash skin for kabal lightning blades, lightning eyes, and red lighting stream when he runs

  • Que nivel

  • Really? I gotta pay even though I already got the premium edition that's some bull..

  • Who wants to Watch This Video?:

  • *Terminator busts his enemy’s kneecaps* Terminator: “He’ll live.” *Time sphere sends enemy into the future* Terminator: “Oh, shit. Nevermind.”

  • So Jason's back but he's not Jason

  • Fiona is that you???


  • Jade is waifu

  • Not free with kombat pack really???

  • For those who are complaining about the skins not being in the KP, it’s probably due to WB interference or something like that

  • Good old Arnie)))

  • Is it still available after Halloween let me know so I can purchase it next week

  • Pack 2 1. Mileena 2. Lie mei 3. Sheeva 4. Rain 5.Fujin 6. Deadpool