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Michelle Khare is an extreme lifestyle enthusiast, actress, host, and sometimes-stunt-woman. Whether it’s being put through Marine boot camp or entering a beauty pageant, Michelle challenges viewers to think differently about the world around them and go after their seemingly-impossible dreams. Michelle is a Streamy Nominee for best unscripted series and Shorty Award finalist for IT-tvsr of the Year.
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  • I'm watching this the day my brother graduated from boot camp in South Carolina too! But not in the same base.

  • 18:29 what song is that

  • I do ballet and I don’t think it is hard

  • Mac looks like twomad

  • Comme to Canada XD -30Celsius in Québec for 5months in a row XD

  • Where do they get protein?

  • that's when a Alex clark vid popped in the recommended

  • Its my dream to be a singer

  • Philippines had the best price whole body waxing for only 22$ so cheap isn’t?

  • So you didn't train then

  • I really love this series because it doesn’t make me feel pressured to be a perfect gym person or eater. This was by FAR my favorite one because she was the only one not concerned with body progress at all and that’s how exercise should be! I like when you said you don’t have to push yourself to your limits for a good workout. Definitely inspiring me to go more!

  • Why do you title these this way? You’re not a dietician or trainer, you just show other people you hired to do it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • The guy from the obstacle course was the nicest

  • ...when ever it's a time to be serious i always dead out laughing, so i would've laugh the whole they scream at us.

  • Idk why she gives me miranda cosgrove vibes..

  • Hard wax is the best which was not shown.

  • I’ve never seen someone in so much pain from waxing legs. Bikini ok but legs?

  • Can you try Cheerleading Dancing Poledancing Professional Mermaid

  • The blue dress in the end. I need it! 😍 Where is it from?

  • Well I Joined The US Army Bring it on

  • Can you do a challenge accepted episode on figure skating and one in gymnastics, I would love to see you accomplish these in a challenge episode. #challengeaccepted

  • *cringe*

  • *lol they are not louder than my mom every morning*

  • When they get the back scratching, they talk like they have used xtc

  • Damn! I didn’t know you were Indian. I’m indian too 😁😁

  • Michelle is so Beautiful and has an amazing voice. 💋💋

  • I want to Join the marines soo bad


  • hated it.

    • okay didn't hate it but hated the fact that you guys were naked .

    • ok sorry didn't hate it but just hated the fact that your naked .

  • *Also don't forget that these drill sergeants were behaving much softer than usual because of the cameras recording ;)*

  • In awesomeness tv on the show “How to survive a breakup” are you one of the actors?

  • Who knew girls are more dirty then guys are when you visit a guys house.

  • Sososososooo happy and proud of you. Watching this I was getting nervous as if i was the one walking on the runway.

  • Wow. What a great person. She is so sweet. I wish I knew her. I have no friends and I feel like she and I would really enjoy eachother. I hope she is doing well!!

  • This looks like one of those story that would be turned into a movie later down the track.

  • Who is the girl at 10:40 ? She's so pretty

  • My school is doing face Africa and we watched the video of the water difference

  • They look like they were super tough...but they were still going easy on them.

  • She’s so small next to everyone That would be me

  • Not to be a weirdo but you have a nice crack Michelle ... lol

  • 1:34 Caleb is me

  • Nice video! - Check us out when you can! Android - play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.getsetandrun.app&hl=en iOS - apps.apple.com/us/app/get-set-go/id1176063952

  • PLEASE DO UPDATES!!! like 6 month updates or something.

  • I have POS and body dysmorphia. I dropped 30 pounds my senior year of high school and as a sophomore in college I gained 45 back. Your videos are inspiring me to believe that I can do it!!!

  • As someone who has struggled with eating disorders and is not plant based I could relate so much. As we have different hurts and struggles, when she said its not about what's happening on the outside its more of what is going on inside. Thanks for being vulnerable Alyson.

  • you just need to point your feet more

  • THIS is So NoT MaRine bOOt cAmp... they did not even shave their head

  • No one: Michelle: I TRAINED LIKE A MARINE

  • I love this video😍😍

  • What song was that at the end when they were going through the course

  • You did great! I’m not a dancer, but I played music for around 10 years or so. Anytime you do a performing art, no one knows how hard anyone works from the outside. We strive for perfection but know it’s a suicide mission (lol cue the depressed artist) but thank you for showing all the hard work that goes into this art! I’m all about bringing more respect back to the classics <3 and from a band geek- try to do marching band for a week :) it’ll be hard though :P

  • That were I was on Friday for my brother to graduate 🤗

  • I think it would be awesome to see you try DCI, Drum Corps International. It is essentially the pro league of marching band. This is a preforming art, truly a sport, and is totally underrated! It is a rigorous several month process of auditioning for a specific core and then being accepted. Then, you spend 2 months learning a marching show for 8 hours a day, outside, during the summer, whilst playing an instrument or using a flag. DCI is made up of the top instrumentalist and marchers in the world. In competitive marching band, every step must in time and exactly the same size as the other hundred people on the field. It is an extremely cool art form that focuses on team work. This sport is as physically as Olympic sports and even more mentally challenging.

  • I loved the video! I think it would be awesome to see you try DCI, Drum Corps International. It is essentially the pro league of marching band. It is a rigorous several month process of learning a marching show for 8 hours a day, outside, during the summer, whilst playing an instrument or using a flag. Every step must in time and exactly the same size as the other hundred people on the field. It is an extremely cool art form that focuses on team work.

  • That woman with the glasses had the crustiest voice ever

  • Do a I trained like a Navy Recruit

  • please do training to become an actor

  • I am short.................

  • you look like the actor "Rani Mukherjee" in the movie "Aiyyaa" Super Hot and Super Sexy...¶

  • i want to do this too

  • I have those same allergies to pollen and natural foods!! Mine is called OAS so it's not deadly but oh so annoying

  • That was beyond amazing. I can feel how you must've felt throughout the whole journey. Most people think that it's all a smooth road but I love the clip that you posted while you had a panic attack because that's what I went through and I don't think I even have to say that you looked stunning in the photos. You were perfection in every single photo. ❤️

  • Bungeee jumping

  • i sure as shit dont miss mountain climbers with my knees past my elbows. id be rich if i had 10 bucks for every time i got quarterdecked or slain in the pit

  • mmmmmmm how do all those little tiny pieces of fiberglass feel in your lungs pretty girl?

  • my DIs were fuckin studs man i am so proud to say i was trained by those fuckin animals.

  • lol 3 days... 13 weeks of parris island is fuckin crazy. if youve never walked that parade deck on graduation day you dont know what this is REALLY like

  • Will someone tell me why when I drink water my stomach hurts bad(I didn’t chug or anything)

  • Can you do “I trained like a synchronized swimmer for 6 weeks?”

  • Can you do “I trained like a synchronized swimmer for 6 weeks?”

  • I am 11 years old and an asian I am 5 ' 1 Is that good or not Ps i am taller than my mom

    • Fatima Gul your fine girl and your most likely still growing so don’t worry

  • Hiiiiii, sitting at my desk on lunch break, just finished a salad and feeling OVERWHELMED by food and the gym. I would love to see you do a transformation for someone like me who feels like there's an insurmountable process ahead of her and has been battling weight for years! It would be so inspiring to see someone with a body shape like mine do this challenge with you. :) If you need help selecting someone, I volunteer! ;) Love this series so much, Michelle! Keep it up! xx

  • She is so strong, she's been through so much<3 I'm proud of Alyson

  • If the drill sergeant yells at me I will think Shut up

  • What if sergeant hartman was here?

  • So cringe watching this. How can she wash her makeup off with soap and a towel...even the spin brush is not for make up removal, it's for cleansing the skin. Come on now educate yourself on basic skin care 🤦‍♀️

  • Buying foreign fruits is very bad for the planet, these fruits travel by plane, trucks or boats and pollute a lot ! These people should try to eat local fruits and veggies from their local market. Vegan. Local. 0 waste.

  • She is so gorgeous and her lips are out of this world perfect!

  • Great job you rock

  • 0:45 ....have you found some similarity ? Those who don't understand watch cartoon network

  • I think what hurt her is she just looked tense walking. That absolutely does NOT mean she isn't feminine. But everything else wow!

  • its so satisfying to watch

  • This is why I don’t do this cuz my number one worst food (for me) is YOGURT!!!

  • I feel bad for the Victoria Secret models. I hear people from other videos saying, 'Oh REAL women don't look like that', 'REAL women don't look like Victoria Secret models' and it's like, they are real women. It's their job to look a certain way and people judge them just based off what's required for them to work. It's so stupid

  • Omg please do “I trained like a professional Merrie Monarch hula dancer”

  • I can’t imagine having kids and I’m 26 too lol

  • Lmaooo Caleb’s a punk

  • Caleb funny asf 💀

  • This series should be a Netflix show

  • The BIC for women is the worst! Its cut my legs no matter how hard i try to prevent it..

  • Dude I feel bad for them, but I understand why they are doing it. But tbh, whenever they all scream at the same time, I start laughing like crazy

  • I have a gas mask

  • i miss that place maybe ill see it again

  • 10:22 I was eating . I'm fine

  • Omg!!! I love this so much!! I got so excited for you! I love love love the confidence and the just do it attitude!

  • You should try: training like a proffesional swimmer for 6 weeks than go to a swim meet.

  • Refugees

  • Mental health chat!! 3 seconds in: I trained like a professional clown

  • "This is amazing!" one second later: *throws up*

  • I just realized that they have michrophones attached to them. It must feel so awkward working out with this clumpy box attached to you.