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The Cadillacs
The Cadillacs2 anni fa
Love Is All
Love Is All3 anni fa
Spanish Eyes
Spanish Eyes3 anni fa
Release Me
Release Me3 anni fa
Too Young
Too Young3 anni fa
Rambling Rose
Rambling Rose3 anni fa
Unforgetable3 anni fa
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa3 anni fa
Hello3 anni fa
Ave Maria
Ave Maria3 anni fa
Yours3 anni fa
Such A Night
Such A Night3 anni fa
No Other Love
No Other Love3 anni fa
Malaguena3 anni fa
Secret Love
Secret Love3 anni fa
Too Young
Too Young3 anni fa
I Apologize
I Apologize3 anni fa
Release Me
Release Me3 anni fa
Portofino3 anni fa
Love is All
Love is All3 anni fa
Still3 anni fa
Drip Drop
Drip Drop6 anni fa
The Dubs
The Dubs6 anni fa


  • It’s missing Frankie

  • U will never see such an concert like this again so terrific!

  • It is 3:00 in the am and I am listening to this song!!!

  • My Music: Doowop Generations had 2 young men doing it . the producer got them,Charlie Thomas's drifters, and Jay Black & the Americans on the stage singing this song. Doc and Morty's best.


  • Superb Soul!

  • Música maravilhosa para ouvir e dançar saudades

  • Tongue planted right the phuck in that cheek! Rock and roll is here to stay!

  • Cute

  • DAM FANTASTIC R.I.P Benny, Thank You so very much.God Bless.!

  • This man sounds just like he did 50 yrs ago........I really appreciate this post. It's full of wonderful memories of my youth....which is slipping away every day... Wish I would have done more with all of those years ......

  • WOW...... I had forgotten all about this tune.....Great dance music.... Thanks for this super post.

  • Make me tell you I'm in love with you!

  • Can't believe his voice is still great even today!

  • Who came here after Irishman ??😁

  • Charlie Thomas has totally sucked at being the lead voice for this 'magical' tune originally sung by the inimitable Ben E. King. And Charlie's personality sucks as well ...

  • A great first song written by Phil Spector and sung by this woman who made enough from this song that Phil wrote about his Father actually, but she made enough to buy a brand new Mercedes benz which she crashed in a mountain road in the hills above los angeles. The song was written to Phils Dad.

  • All these groups sound exactly as they did! I love this! We need this music back!

  • xxx

  • feel good music

  • I love this groups ❤️ beautiful voice

  • God given talent

  • I think Phil was Nuys about this lady

  • I need to know what event this was please!!!!!!

  • Sooo romantic and beautifully sung! 😍

  • Pookie is a national treasure. A unique vocalist for sure with a very special style. People don’t realize how many great songs he and the Spaniels recorded. The Spaniels had great harmony and the bass was great

  • Listening to song right now! Makes my day!

  • One of the best Brilliantly voice.

  • Oh man you ain't going to hear a voice like that just any day now....... That's awesome at any age and look at this Anthony is in his seventies....!

  • everytime enyoy your magic moments

  • You know... It's so crazy how a group of elderly me are singing this. lol They're still great I'm just sayin

  • Super 👍👍👍👍

  • Dreamy music Jeff

  • The m.f Cadillac's 👍

  • この歌も大好きだ、リーダーが途中で、ボーカルが勝手なダンスをするので、ムカついてみてる・・あとで文句言われるぞ。

  • Great make out song.

  • Maspeth, Queens, N.Y.; hometown of Randy & The Rainbows

  • 👏👏👏❤ awesome😊

  • This type of music should be played on the radio more often, it's a lot better than rap and hip hop

  • emozionante!

  • The baritone singer(far right) is the last surviving member!

  • There will never be an era like the 60s....reat times and great music!!!! Glad i got to live it !!!

  • <3

  • White boys can Doo Wop too!!! very underrated group indeed!!

  • Still great😉

  • Still a great singer and song

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Magnificante meravilhosa recordação.

  • É um ícone da música internacional. 👏👏👏

  • je passe en boucle trop beau merci a ce groupe ce sont de très bons chanteurs merci a ce groupe

  • Real music with real singers,gob bless

  • great song' it's like time has stood still

  • really a great song

  • He took care of his voice for this long?? Holy shit

  • Iconic!

  • Young Carol Connors 👄👄👄

  • Sopranos 😎

  • I go to sleep listen to this song so nice.

  • Love this song too! Best Christmas all-year-round song!

  • This is the best and it will be the same today as it was years ago!

  • Great performance

  • Wow

  • Love this so much October 12:::::2019...

  • Christ !! Bloody amazing 🙌 🙌

  • Perdón por todo el daño causado

  • Mr. Carter nailed this to the roof. I hope the people there knew they were watching history the lady of Pure Gold knew she was in history.

  • another one of my arrangements

  • They don`t make them like this any more, enjoyed.

  • this is such a beautiful and dreamy song!

  • One of my arrangements (Brotherick)

  • Great song!

  • Good song!

  • simply the best


  • Super utwór 👍👍👍👍

  • Saw Ken McKay recently in Akron/Canton Ohio. My baby boy took me to a show of my oldies. I heard my Platters, Drifters, Coasters, and my 41 year old son new the words as we sang! Awesome night with all my friends and family.

  • What a beautiful voice, how does he do it at that age?!!

  • Hope they got aid before he died so them 1980 at the howard

  • Im always a fan of motown music damn eargasm!

  • Esta musica nos leva uma epoca que agente curtia os bailes dancando colado....

  • Great Song, I have had one magic moment in my life, lots of almost ones, but only one for me. Been together for 57 years now, and still counting,,and dancing to this music today. thanks for posting........

  • My Mom and Dad danced to this song and he brought memories for them and now for me. Thank you Mel!

  • Omg what a voice, amazing.

  • Nice... i love this song

  • Majestic voice. Still handsome, sexy. This song penetrates the heart, taking me back to that first kiss.

  • Wow what a voice

  • GREAT !!

  • What songs like this can do to bring you comfort when times are difficult can bring a smile of carefree days

  • Oh, Denise, scooby doo...


  • Whenever I feel down and sad, I simply tune into this great music......Wish I w as 15 again.....I wouldn't change a thing....

  • Ça c'est de la musique je vous adore


  • i'll take Ben E. King

  • What a song 💕😎

  • The one I heard on the radio has extended runs. I fell in love with this song at first heard. Millenial here!

  • bit of a wow moment there !

  • Wow, these guys are phenomenal.

  • Pure talent

  • If music could settle wars

  • Has anybody got the link to the whole show ?