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AAAAAAAAAA14 giorni fa
FAT OR THICC?4 mesi fa
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HE'S INSANE5 mesi fa


  • 7:37 Alberts deceased

  • "Outro song" said the description

  • Excuse me, outride?!!

  • Like is there a thing which Albert can't do? Like he plays music on such many instruments, I saw him throwing playing cards like throwing knifes. This dude.

  • Def best vid yet

  • My man Fitz knows it, compost is pronounced exactly like that

  • Why you guys letting a 12 year old drink

  • slapcast is so damn funny i really hope they do what they promised and had it once a month

  • on which channel was this "drunk stream" held on?

  • 8:30 fed be havin a small diddly donger, since they didn't realize what they were touching until fed told them.......????

  • I love the song at 8:36. I wanna download it.

  • I watched the slap cast vod and I'm here for the clips 4:34 : ') albie and kimi subbed to peter during the stream.

  • 8:38 saving for later

  • What happened to the outtro

  • okay peter is a homie...

  • Albert actually transform into a tomato

  • Im one of the ppl that helped Lily right her song thru chat

  • Albert's email song is amazing.

  • What’s the song called that lily played on the piano?

  • why do they have some little 13 year old kid in the red shirt playing drinking games with them?

  • Viewers: Albie, how red do you wanna turn? Albie: Yes

  • this is nice I'm gon- wait where's the outro

  • My eyes are bleeding Sorry I meant ears

  • Did lily watch the stream because she was worried?

  • Give me the song pls

  • Where can I find the vod

  • 10:03 Lillis Hands: More interesting harmonics Lilli: No

  • Albert face is brighter than my future. XD

  • Albert lookin like he had alcohol poisoning He drank wayy too much than he can handleee

  • could someone tell me the game that toast's played? please :c

  • Lmao I feel like in my group of friends I'm probably the Albie

  • Albert drunk as fuck. OMEGALUL

  • damnn albert was so drunk he didnt make it to the outro

  • please source the links to the vods in your description

  • sushi dragon is not a friend please stop including him

  • I'm not even kidding...Literelly... the SECOND this video started I was laughing my fucking ass off, Alberts fucking face is more red than the cups LMAAAAOOO!!

  • Is alberts face alright??

  • What is the piano song at 8:45 from, or did Lily compose it herself?

  • Hey do u have a link to the full video at 2:14?

  • 1:25 oopsie

    • Damn, Albert switched after that, then asked what card it's supposed to be. All part of the misdirection.

  • Wow this person is like reeeeeally into Albert. I watched Peter's whole stream, and albert literally sat on the couch and said nothing for 90% of it, yet the 10% made it into this video lol. Much better content was in that stream. Weak


  • 😂😂

  • Jenny and Toast ohmagawd I’ll buy Jenny her own ps4 with controller 🥺

  • Why is Albert look like a tomato

    • Some asians can't fully break down alcohol, so it's something like their heart pumps blood faster to get rid of the toxins and they get really red

  • Great vid👌👍👍

  • albert is so red omg

  • How can ANYBODY dislike this video.

  • I would bust a nut always gets me😂😂 Bro albie light light weight

  • song at 2:13?

  • *Albert.exe has stopped working*

  • so i’m 27 seconds in and Albert looks like a tomato fucked another tomato at a certain time of the month

  • 5:27 Albie had to check chat earlier tonight.


  • Drinkings not a good look for albert id just smoke weed if i were him he always seems so relaxed af anyways

    • Idk. For a person like him it might just stress him since he seems to always be trying to portray himself in a certain manner

  • Albie is me whenever i drink with my friends.

  • albert's face is the same color as michael reeves' shirt

  • that song in the end of the video was so wholesome XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • when lily dances it's like she put 0 points into agility

  • i still dont understand the game never ever have i... so does the one drinking done it or not?

    • Yes if you drink then you did do it or in the case of the game "i have"

  • Yo what were they drinking I’m trying to be as fucked yo as Albert 🤣

  • 9:37 Mithzan top left?

  • Where the OUTRO MUSIC.

  • why albie is red?

    • Asians are bad at metabolising alcohol and they get drunk pretty quickly, and they are often pale, so one cup of beer = lobster asian

    • Drunk, it happens to some, especially asians.

  • lily so happy knowing that albie has a choking fetish lol

  • Fed is not funny anymore so sad :(

    • I still find him funny and the most entertaining in my opinion

    • @Raion Shishi yea he is just busy rn and when he isnt trying to producr content 24 7 but some clips this week from him on others streams were fucking hilarious

    • What do you mean tho ? He is by far the funniest, honestly hes just been stressed out and way to busy.

    • nah he still funny af

  • Damnn alberts face is redder than his cup

  • Love your vids❤️❤️

  • 8:34 the song is precious

  • Drunk Albert = Normal Albert but pink

  • What did Albert say

  • what was the song parody that lily was singing? or was it actually just a song that she made up, cause it was super good

    • Link to the video ? 🙃

    • it's albie's first email towards lily and she made it to a song

  • albie so red

  • No outro because albert is drunk lul

  • Damn that new house is funny af

  • Albert looked smashed af

  • Damn alberts face REDDD

  • Albie got that asian glow

  • 7:35 - when the weed hits

  • Why did michael check what seemed to be albert's phone?

  • outro afk LULW

  • Man, where can I see the rest of the end

    • LilyPichu's VOD from 5 days ago I think.

  • Did albie say his ex liked being choked?

    • yea he said my ex likes being choked. leslie though he said he did and then albert reconfirmed he didnt say him

    • Kaulana Chun she found out that he’s able to choke her dead

    • @Sebastián Padilla he clearly says "my ex"

    • Sebastián Padilla He said his ex, cause you can hear Leslie asking them Scarra saying His ex

    • Blood

  • What did albert said? 5:50

    • Oh wow, i was wandering why lily was so happy. Now i know 😏

    • My ex liked being choked

  • As soon I saw that scarra didn't drink his beer Me: 100% respect

    • Keto?

    • He literally took numerous shots, and also drank the thing Peter made with more alcohol in it

    • @Bryan Huerta the designated driver is uber

    • Scarra Didn't drive

    • @Leandro Ortiz He was probably the designated driver

  • Albert Final form

  • I’m with my mom and the first thing we heard in this vid is “never have I ever received a blowjob”👏🏻 LMAOO FML

  • Albert not checking on chat Everyone: wait that’s illegal

    • I thought you mean it was the outro.... albie out the couch pulling up chat on his phone thing

    • dasnurk that’s true

    • He's too fucking drunk to check on chat right now.

  • Hi mom

  • Omg Albert

  • albert is so red

  • First

  • Iam here finally not late to a video

  • First

  • Alberts face is brighter than my future

  • Hello


  • LMFAO 5:26

  • 0:47 poki checking herself out lol

  • Instrumental at 10:33?