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  • please someone remind me what the song is @ 1:30, it brought me back to a happier time in life now i’ve been searching for the title someone please tell me it’s elijah who

  • Me trying to pretend nothing happened. Love you Lily ❤

  • that ending aged poorly i just feel sad and empty inside

  • Lilly and Michael would make more sense than her and Albert ever did.

  • i hope lily is okay :’(

  • 9:31 looks weird now

  • wait is this today’s stream... cuz they look like they’re still dating

  • That is a very good outro!!

  • Disguised toast is my MAN dude. What a bro

  • They'll be aight my dudes. Trust <3

  • i love t0 make music

  • The most epic outro in the century 😂😂

  • I hope lily is okay

  • This is a really painful video to watch. This is before everything went down

    • With the freaking island song playing in the outro my EYES :((((((((

  • No more Albert outros I liked those😪

  • So he didn’t cheat on the trip but evidence of him cheating was leaked during the trip??? What timing

  • It's weird watching this :X, props for changing the outro. Just hope that time will heal both people in the situation.

  • I cant,this is hurting me

  • I'm seeing alot of drama between L and A. I just heard about L leaving and I wish her the best I(as in we the fans) wish to support her all the way but I(as in me alone) wanna hear both sides of the story before I pick a side. I wish to hear A's side and L's side of the story but seeing how this drama is going on I dont think I'll get much information at all

  • Toast outro is the best outro

  • Damn I remember when lily asked scarra if her and alfag would get married, and he hesitated/drawn out the yes ( he had to say yes bc the punishment was agree w/lily for 10 secs) I feel like scarra had a feeling/ was suspicious of alfag at that time. OTV is kinda pissing me off to bc they're blaming destiny for feeding into the drama when they where the ones to tweet and publicize the situation, ppl asked destiny if its serious or not and he said " yes that's why it's stupid everyone's tweeting abt it" if I'm choosing sides I'm on destiny's side and lily's. But the poki n fed arent looking to good for me.

  • The title should be : Japan, the land where there are no secrets concerning Adultery. or Was it worth it, Albert ?

  • Who would have ever thought the guy that doesn’t like physical interaction would cheat

  • I dunno. Don’t shit on Albert so much. You can’t always control who you love. He just didn’t want to hurt lily, which is why he didn’t break up with her. But yeah, he really messed up bad tho

  • I gotta admit using Google docs was quite original, that doesn't mean that what he did was ok, it was not, I hope that this situation doesn't become worse that what it is already

  • Cheeto

  • What sick fuck could do this to her after all these sweet videos of her LOVING HIM. Seriously. All she showed him was such love. What a fucking monster.

  • Can xell replace Albert in offline tv?

  • Oh no, a couple broke up, who would've fuckin' thunk it lul . Fuck Lily, Fuck Albert, let them do whatever the hell they want, you ain't their parents, their friends, or anything to them, so just let them live however they want.

  • Dang, I can't watch this.

  • Uh you might want to edit the connect with OTV section in the description

  • Hey, did the other two get taken down or something? just realized they were gone today

  • what happened between lily and alby???

  • What they mean truth? About albie? And the outro different now...


  • Bro I cant watch this... I really cant believe albert would do that man...

  • It's now Toast Drinking water

  • Had to skip past most of the Albert clips :/

  • Lily will be back... With a bang... I can feel it

  • well this aged poorly

  • When they say albie cheating l. I bet a few texts got leaked I doubt Albert actually did anything

  • It's crazy to go through the comments and see how the biggest trolls and pepegas can turn into very emotional beings. ♥️ Good luck Lily, being cheated on is equal to hell itself, but stay strong and keep going, don't lose faith in yourself or put yourself down, just because of a guy that failed your trust and tried to deceive you. We all love you ♥️

  • Just here to make sure toast is staying hydrated


  • PepeLaugh THEY DONT KNOW

  • Lol he fucked her

  • they look so happy together ;(( it hurst so much to watch this :/

  • Why are you taking a lot of the videos down?

  • Love you so much Lily!! Hope your getting many snacks and sleep!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • damn this just makes me sad

  • ok idk why im doing this but michaels tone fucking sucks hey robot man make a robot that can teach you to play the sax without a tambre that sounds like a fucking weasel is having sex with a microwave edit: exclusively in the careless whisper part

  • straight up cringe, yall just awkward lol

  • That outro tho.. 😂

  • Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit about the whole drama. The memes coming out from it are good shit 💿👌

  • The ending with Lily standing by herself in Alberts room..*sigh*

  • Damn dude this shit hurts

  • İf i keep seeing albert in your videos, i unsub

  • I thought albert was a good guy

  • This video is 2 months old but why is it recommended now to me just after i've seen the news of what happened yesterday 😳😳😳

  • You can’t ever go wrong with a toast outro :) <3

  • Hm, albert and lily like this... moe and trick like that... what happened to youtube man...

  • At the same time, Lily is too gullible, Albert is a cuck and Poki is a bit harsh (her tweet)

  • This video is making me sad

  • Sad. Why just why

  • Albert's shlong wasn't enough.. thats why

  • Imagine if the face reveal for 100k is Albert. We would be tricked, backstabbed, and quite possibly Bambi.

  • 8:29 That was racist

  • We welcome you to the champions club forsenCD

  • Please, be a prank. Please, be another offlinetv prank. I ship both of them so hard this is probably the most believable drama ever. If not, i just hope both of them are still happy.

  • you're lily's ex boyfriend❤️

  • That title aged well.

  • Hey Albert, I'm learning magic tricks right now and I wanted your advice. Should I learn misdirection (like you misdirected Lily), illusion (like your illusion that you were faithful with Lily) or vanish (like you vanished from your relationship with Lily)?

  • I guess we finally know what he was looking at on his phone in the outro..

  • Well the outro's gonna be toast drinking from now on, huh

  • Why does Albert hug people in this way? I didnt watch the way he hugs, but my answer is because hes a pervert and a cheater. At least break up with her bro, first, for her sake. Now you're fucking ruined. And good riddance.

  • In an alternate universe, lily cheated on albert with sarah

  • Honestly it sucks to watch this. I recently saw a clip of how lily didn't want to make her relationship public (or even have a relationship) until both parties were committed, but I guess good things really don't last.

  • WHERE'S THE OTHER VIDS?! I loved the Lily outro for Japan Trip #1.2

  • Bruh when lily said that Albert wasn’t yet her husband but then I thought about how they broke so yikes.

  • This is so sad..... Alexa play "Memories" by Maroon 5

  • My heart is already dead. Stop reviving my heart. I dont want to feel anymore. 😞😞

  • I love the new outer please don't change it. Awesome job by the way keep it up!

  • Well well well.......INTERESTING

  • People saying in the comments saying OMG I can't even watch this lol I'm watching a man upgrade lvls

  • I wasnt aware any of the drama was happening makes me sad that they arent together anymore :( i dont know much so if anyone can fill me in on what happen that would be great. Great video again :)

  • This feels so bad today

  • 14:06 did she say FUCK YOU!?!

  • its just sad

  • Let’s delete all the VODs , Liberty never existed, wipe it clean

  • When Albert was on the street I imagined him having the same fate as Joseph Joestar when dio stopped time to put a Knife in his throat

  • Aren’t all the vids on this channel outroed by Albert?

  • their relationship gave me hope that one day i would find love... 😔 im so sad, im not angry at albie even tho what he did was foul, im just disappointed in him... Hope Lily bounces back quick.

    • I don't think shes gonna get over this soon. But I think she'll start streaming in a week or two.

    • Jay Inthisane Unfortunately with her being so invested in the relationship I dont think she gets over this soon.

  • Welcome to the champions club albertCD

  • When the next magic stream tho? 👀

  • I hope lily is ok.

  • I hope scarras supporting her at home

  • I just think about some lyrics with the Outro song : Now the poor Lily is all aloooooonne !! Alby leaves her for another oooonnnee !!! He doesn't care ! He checks his phooonnne !!! Mistress call him for f*ck her soooome !!!

  • I just think about some lyrics with the Outro song : Now the poor Lily is all aloooooonne !! Alby leaves her for another oooonnnee !!! He doesn't care ! He checks his phooonnne !!! Mistress call him for f*ck her soooome !!!

  • Not a good time to upload this

  • Why are they wearing masks?