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Have you ever wanted to see your favourite celebrities playing ridiculous games whilst talking about their latest movie or show?!
Ever wanted to watch some top notch comedy from right here in the UK?!
Ever wanted to mindlessly waste hours in front of your computer?!
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  • You stupid tramp

  • You’re a lier

  • I *cannot* believe how great the cockroach one was. I tried it immediately and I scared myself multiple times. 10/10

  • So cute 😙😙

  • I remember her from dangmattsmith

  • bold of you to assume we have a printer

  • Why do they all say “Yall” Why I do not understand

  • Non of those things work.🗡️🙁🛡️🔥🐲

    • Nothing give a thrill like the moment your lance pointe pierces the dragons open mouth.The sound of splintering wood cracking bone and the winning of your panicked horse, mingles with a smell of smoke and the pain of being burnt, there's nothing like it!🗡️😏🛡️🔥🐲

  • I cant even do most of these pranks

  • Wait was that POKE in number 5 last one the one with the headphones on

  • Why r u soooo beautiful I mean sooo app beautifull

  • You're depressed and trying to hide it. And you act mormon. That's strike two.

  • I tried these on my sister,and she freaked out!!!!

  • you suck

  • 11 jokes I found online that you can use to your Mother watch here ( it-tvs.com/tv/video-_HdQda3FWEg.html ) XD

  • Where does she from???

  • You have a good host voice

  • You are disgusting you are stupid you look horrible in your accent is so weird I hate you

  • Omg I feel the exact same fucking way. Sexually 50% gay 50% straight and romantically I’m 99,9% gay. I just don’t???? feel???? romantically attracted to guys??????

  • Little kids do bettter

  • stingray? not. manta ray. big difference.

  • they said her name wrong 😭

  • Hello

  • I rly wanna. I know a lot of girls like him. And now that he broke up with his old gf girls are gonna attack him. So before school starts I wanna ask hm out so I get first dibs 😂 I’m asking my best friend for tips cause she’s dated way before me. If I get 30 likes I’m doing it.

  • Roses are red Ketchup is too Wait I got a like Wait! Why is it blue?

  • This is how many time she raised her eyebrows

  • NO WAY

  • Your super beautiful

  • umm i taped like 50 things to my ceiling but then it took like half the paint off my ceiling you owe me $150

  • Good morning

  • Good

  • I dont think she's coming back

  • I am going to try the door. Prank on my cosin. With tape so. he could get all stiky

  • Omg, I have the same name! (Spelled the same way too!)

  • Omg I'm using all of these

  • He was so focused on the game omg😂

  • I'm nervous af, if I get 10 likes or comments I will ask other my crush. Can I also have so tips to ask him out

  • Hahaha

  • I can get my friend back

  • are you gay

  • Omg I'm dead

  • Female mister maker???


  • Are you british?

  • Its my birthay

  • Who thinks that Elle sounds a lot like LDShadowLady or YammyXOX?

  • Hey every come follow me i am going to be doing pranks wars to my brother and he hates pranks so come watch and be my notification shout out

  • Put some oil on the floor and call them so they slip 😭

  • Man there's some shit on the Internet

  • eww

  • So you like guys and women?

  • Mee tooo

  • Her: how to ask out ur crush Me: pillow, will you go out with me?


  • Es tan hermosa y natural ♥️

  • Good video

  • These pranks are REALLY COOL! Btw how do u create ur thumbnails?

  • My like button is not working so if your counting the likes or something add on one more

  • Anyone 2019

  • 2:04 is legit noone going to say anything about her mentioning *Latvia* ?!?!💕 I'm from Latvia😂

  • I recognize one of those chaps from somewhere....

  • hi its my BIRTHDAY could i have 100 likes thanks


  • You’re soooooooo pretty

  • "language is failing you, you aren't failing yourself" P R E A C H

  • Was that a blackpibk pic

  • How do I put everything you just said on a t-shirt so I don’t have to explain it anymore! BRILLIANT

  • Please make video with subtitle

  • Dear Elle i love your videos and you

  • Yesss girl preach it

  • 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

  • Watching your “label” video and this video, I come to conclusion... f(x) + m(x) = xy chromosomes divided that by 2 equals... 🧐 🤔 hmmmm, let me graph this... looks like I’m getting... it doesn’t matter graph. We don’t need label, we don’t need to specify species/aliens/people sexuality😅. Just calm down and go with the flow😎.


  • Omg i so relate, like in bi but at times i just feel so gay bc girls ar so amazing

  • Hi Elle! Remember me??? We were friends at Vidcon a few years ago! Good to see you back on IT-tvs!

    • um kyle of course i remember you waddup?! dm me

  • Hi Elle! Remember me??? We were friends at Vidcon a few years ago! Good to see you back on IT-tvs!

  • *Why am I subscribed to you?*

    • Maybeeeeee because you ....... PRESSED THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON

    • @Elle Meadows no I just dont remember when I even did mabe of imalex

    • probs cause you thought i was straight

  • Elle you are an amazing human being and plz never stop making videos

  • I was confused for two reasons why this was recommended to me and what you're confused about? Anywhere between straight and gay is bi not right in the middle

    • You have a point but people are all different

    • @Sierra Rose well it is because no matter how far you fall either side you still like both sex's which by definition is bi

    • No just no

    • No thats really incorrect

    • No not really

  • Love ya!

  • I like the google eyes that was funny

  • hMMMmMMM

  • what happened to you ellen

  • I love your accent.. lol..

  • Early Squad

  • I don’t even know what I am 🤣 I am just a confused child 🤓

  • I actually love your videos and there way too relatable 😂

  • Meet up with dangmattsmith

  • You are beautiful 💕

  • You are beautiful 💕

  • Elle you are awsome! Your face expressions are super cute!love your voice aswell

  • I love ittt moreeeee pls love yah

  • I put a fake fly in my sisters shoe😛


  • Oh my, quality content! Holy shit hahaha

  • It's sad to see great artists like you don't get as many subs as others. Plus no one even tries to entertain in this sort of ways. You are unique and outgoing. One of your oldest subs. Love you!

  • your videos are so cool and i've been watching you since 2015

    • @Elle Meadows i think that you deserve a lot more attention from youtube as you can really see how much effort you put into your videos, I really hope that you end up getting the fame you deserve, but you are definetly achieving by making me laugh with every video that you upload!! xx

    • thanks for sticking around!!!

  • Always wantes to talk to u.. Dm u on tweetr. U never replied :(