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  • 2:31 I thinks that’s Ashoka feeling order 66 taking place.

  • I love how the director is also always laughing at them xd

  • Coolest thing is Ray Park is mo capping Maul

  • This is during ORDER 66 oooo yeah baby we gonna see ahsoka and rex escaping

  • If you watch one arc a day you should be done with it in time lol, best Star Wars since episode 3

  • I feel so bad at how hyped they were

  • Just watch it in release order, remember this is a star wars product so that’s the best way to watch it

  • Watch it by arc. Coz some episodes are just fillers.

  • Theres just few episode series that are messed up by the muddle it will be smoothly as per released

  • Chronological is more understandable

  • Anakin in the animation is really good

  • Kongs probably just wondering what went wrong with his life

  • why are you reaction to the seventh season of a show you haven even seen yet.

  • I'm watching in chronological order since it is easy to follow storywise

  • and she is family with agent smith :D


  • A few years ago they confirmed that season 7 will include an order 66 ark with ahsoka

  • Edward PistolHands anybody?

  • 10. Harry Potter 9. Infinity War 8. Interstellar 7. Mad Max 6. Kingsman 5. Pain and Gain 4. American Ultra 3. Django 2. Gone Girl 1. Baby Driver

  • Bring me my knives

  • watch in release order as you were, it worked out fine for everyone who watched the series as it was released.

  • ive seen the second one so many times lol still the best

  • I'm betting that scene with Padme is her telling him she has some news.

  • How did Luke pull the lightsaber from the snow in the cave when he had little to almost no training from Obi Wan in A New Hope? It’s Star Wars...fucking deal with it and just enjoy the damn movies

  • Chronological

  • The clone wars ends with order 66 close to the end of revenge of the sith

  • This is like a guy meeting a girl in a bar and has sex with her only later understand that the girl used to be one of his oldest friends who did a sexchange.... And later feel he needs to have sex with her again.....

  • I think that scene where the Jedi are talking about what will be Order 66, I believe that is one of the deleted scenes from Episode 3. I'm probably wrong because Mace, Yoda, and Obi-wan were all in the same room.

  • I have A very strong feeling that we are going to see order 66 from some perspective as to season finale. I haven’t read Ashoka but assuming it isn’t covered in that it could be Rex saving her from order 66.

  • Yeah essentially that fight between Maul and Ashoka is taking place at about the same time that Mace Windu is confronting Palpatine and then order 66 takes place in the middle of their fight. At least according to the Ashoka novel.

  • there is a Star Wars like legit list to watch it, not some randos list though id watch it with the list and not how the seasons are

  • a lot of the Ahsoka scenes are from her book which is when she leaves Jedi order and also through order 66 so we see scenes from her book here, and obviously shit we haven't heard of or seen. so some of the Anakin scenes are prob gonna be dark side Anakin lol this gonna be so Dope!!!

    • edit, "Some of the Ahsoka Scenes in the trailer are from her book"

  • this goes up to and past order 66 Be ready BOYSSSSSS

  • theories. 1. the part on anaking learning she is pregnant in film might be a mild retcon they are doing. 2. the clones with ashoka paint on their helms i beleive are free will clones. the ones that are able to remove the chips out of their heads before order 66 is declared. its a way to tell who is free and who is controlled. we saw cody a bit in this trailer and i know they confirm long ago he didnt get his chip removed in time so i do wonder will we see a fight with rex and cody? also hoping we will see gregor and wolf with them joining rex when they leave till fans see them in rebels s2. 3. i wouldnt be surprised within the compamny they have plans to pull a gundam the origin like story when retelling episodes 1 to 9 one day in the future.

  • NA you need the list so the storylines flow bro wit the fro now go

  • 3:44 its the stupid yt kids thing. how i know? when i first watch it on phone the app when you minumize the video it still plays BUT anything thats youtube kids for some stupid reason the video automatically pauses when you do that with a little notice that says sign up for that to continue video. so yeah youtube chainsawing their foot again.

  • Do more clone wars. Like the battle of geonosis or Umbara OOORR... just watch the whole show maby?

  • I feel like Greg is the dominant critic in the relationship. Either way you guys and gals at the reel rejects are fantastic. I always look forward to any video you guys put out.

  • Hey Man I’m a huge fan of your channel I’ve been watching you guys since 2014 and the amount of progress you guys made over the years have been amazing you guys have touched my life with laughter sadness and learning experience. So I wanna say thank for being there for me not physically but just being there to watch lol. Also your the reason I got in to marvel keep up the good work I’ll be always being here watching you guys 👌.

  • I'm excited

  • What's up guys more videos keep it up

  • Dear , would you mind getting in the oven so I can burn u?

  • I think Brad Pitt did a great job in Seven.its over the top but in a way that has impact imo.

  • Did you guys see during the Jedi Council meeting that one of the Jedi Masters was Depa Billaba and standing next her was her padawan, a young Kanan Jarrrus?

  • im proud of you, you recognised mark maron!

  • Just watch it how you want. I've watched it since it came out in 08 and didn't realize it was out of order till they told me.

  • I'm 100% ready for this, but im not ready to watch the fall of the jedi, fuck order 66

  • will it show Anakin and Obi Wan fight?

  • Wow. Harsh comment section. Did everyone forget what it was like to be 19? It’s hard. And confusing as hell. And your just starting to realize how much you DON’T have life figured out yet. Now imagine being a workaholic and very suddenly famous on the most visible (and fickle) platform in the world... Epic mind fuck. Give her a break

  • Looks like we'll be getting some lateral story telling with Revenge of the Sith. So exciting!!!

  • when it comes to the episode order of the show, there's a few different ways to go about it. first thing you should know is that it is an anthology series. 3 or 4 episode arcs that play together as one story, but not really a whole lot of continuing story between them, beyond just the characters growing and developing. for this reason you can watch the show in almost any order, so long as you stick the arcs that last multiple episodes together, and still get a lot out of it. if you're interested in seeing how the show's production and quality only went up as the series went on and became more popular and therefor got a bigger and bigger budget, go with the release order. however in my opinion the chronological order is the best way to view it. like i said it's a collection of individual stories that don't really bleed into eachother that much, but whenever it does carry stuff over from previous episodes the experience is a lot better when you have the full context. sometimes it's context you won't even get from the release order. it also helps that it's one long linear story and you don't at any point have to do mental gymnastics to figure out when the episode takes place. again though, you could really watch the show in almost any order and still thoroughly enjoy it. hope this helped

  • I mean if you guys want to watch the show together and post it on Patron I won't mind. You now what DEW IT.

  • I need this video back in my life

  • Super hype! it gonna be connected to episode 3 and learn more about the order 66. I cannot wait in February!😆

  • If you guys didn't see. When there were the holograms of the Jedi. You can see Caleb Dume (young Kanan) with his master

  • Chronological order

  • Yeah, you need to watch Clone Wars chronologically, not in air order.

  • Before people lose their minds this Season will take place during revenge of the sith

  • I liked the clone Wars movie

  • yes this takes place during the time frame of episode 3 and from what i heard we will see order 66

  • Some of the episode go into and a little after episode 3 so that will be really cool

  • Clone wars is a war, the revenge of the Sith is what the movie is called. it is during the revenge of the sith where the clone wars end

  • Dude not only pino fun of pacman hes nation boxer!

  • Yeah this season crosses into episode 3.

  • side trivia: the creators revised the character to be a psychiatrist rather than a psychologist in the new adaptations (my guess is they gave Harley a hard-science background to further differentiate Dr. Harlin Quinzel from "archeologist Dr. June Moone", maybe?). I'm no expert and I'm too lazy to check, but I think "Dr. Moone" as an archeologist would have a Ph.D. rather than a Dr. she would still be addressed as "doctor" but her intro card in the movie should have Ph.D. rather than Dr. But maybe I'm wrong and they're right, I don't know.

  • The clone wars is definitely a good show for anyone to watch, just in case anybody was ever curious at one point or another there's several videos dedicated to the clones like "Top 10 unnamed clones" or "Top 10 heroic acts made by a clone", so people who watch the series should really check these out and the reel rejects you'll be able to get there one day, one day

  • Friendly advice, skip the first season its not that good.

  • Go with chronological order for viewing definitely. The messed up on releasing some episodes and there is a big benefit to watching them in the proper order they were intended. Imagine watching episode 2 of The Mandalorian before the first episode. Revised list all the way!

  • He did actually kill Jason. It took a Lazarus pit to bring him back

  • Chronological order!!

    • There isn’t too much of a difference but a couple arcs make more sense this way

  • I've watched the 6 seasons within 2 weeks you should be fine

  • i have watched every episode but some i missed after it went off the 1st time

  • Shit movie

  • *PLEASE* both of you watch The Clone Wars in chronological order TOGETHER! *AND DO REACTIONS!* It's Star Wars at its best, no matter what kind of fan you are. Even the "prequel haters" usually admit that they love this show and that it fixes the problems that the movies had. Don't get turned off by some of the earlier episodes seeming more "cartoonish". There's a reason this show has so much love. I can't believe there's still fans who are missing out on something so amazing. There's no reason you shouldn't both see it, and love it, which you definitely will. And once you've seen it yourselves, it'll be too late to do reactions because you'll have already seen it. So, right now, while you haven't seen the show yet, is your only chance to do blind reactions for the best show in the Star Wars universe. Don't miss that chance!

  • Bruhh watch they end the show like u just see Ashokas face and all u hear is excute order 66 hopefuly we get to see it

  • You can see young kannan with his master in the hologram

  • So excited to see this and it’s gonna be so awesome to see order 66 clone wars style

  • The Transformers came to earth because of the All Spark and without it life can not continue to be made. Megatron followed it to Earth and the Decepticons followed to find there master as the Autobots followed to return life to their planet. The Autobots and Decepticons were stranded on earth it wasn’t their choice to stay there but because Decepticons were stranded there as well the Autobots has to stay to stop the Decepticons

  • Yes see it in chronological order, but not the whole series. Especially the first couple of seasons there's a lot of filler and some very childish episodes. I tweeted you a summary is very useful if you want to catch up without it being a grind...

  • Just watch it in release order and you'll be fine. I saw it like that as a kid you'll be good lol

  • From what I’ve heard we will get to see Order 66 and I feel it’s an appropriate way to end then show because it is supposed to be a huge finale and it would be an awesome way to have heartbreak and big emotions happen at the end of the show

  • Looks great, but pretty disappointed we're not getting Cad Bane vs. Boba Fett

  • The comments are probably turned off due to COPPA, most official animation related content gets tagged as made for kids.

  • Love how they praised mauls lightsaber throw, but on release it was broken as fuck. Like unusably bad.

  • Y’all should watch the complete canon Star Wars timeline video by Star Wars Explained

  • Don't watch the Clone wars show in the chronological order. If you watch in chronological order you won't appreciate the story to it. Watch the show by released dates. I think those who have already seen all the episodes are the only ones that are allowed to watch it in chronological order.

  • The reason the comments were turned off is because of the stupid COPPA thing.....

  • The main reason The Clone Wars is out of order is because Lucas would occasionally want to make an episode that happens earlier than episodes that already released.

  • First like 2 seasons were more for kids, but the show kind of grew up with its audience.

  • For The Clone Wars series most people seem to prefer chronological order which is probably why they went to showing it mostly in that order after the first couple of seasons. Those are the ones that are really chopped up the most.

  • I’d say it’s best to watch the films in release order and best to watch the Clones Wars in chronological order.

  • Some of the eps are going to take place during ep 3.

  • I'm ready to cry again

  • My guess is some episodes (possibly later episodes) are gonna take place during revenge of the sith and during order 66

  • I’m watching in chronological order and I’m deep in season 2.

  • I realised the first shot of the trailer is a nod to A New Hope

  • Watch Star Wars rebels it’s just as good and it takes place after the empire takes over lot of nice cameos

  • When I watched this episode, it's definitely was my favorite too 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Loveee the cameos also from the directors, the ensemble of the crew and the Rebel Soldier in the ship which was Matt Lanter, voice of Anakin in Clone Wars I think

  • That third one it's cuz the officer didnt even touch her yet she screemed like he punched her lmao

  • There will be a lot of new character and should have storyline and graphics.... I can't wait to watch this season!!!