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  • was not expecting this reaction! you got a new subscriber :)

  • The airplane that looks like it crashed into the battleship is actually a catapult mounted Vought OS2U Kingfisher. Trailers are trailers. CGI may not be done. So when it is released, will the cgi be better.

  • Some of this is exactly the same, like verbatim, as the interludes in Logic's Everybody album


  • React to more of their videos pleaseeee💜💜💜

  • I love your reaction ♥️

  • Wow i'm suprised...not a lot of reactors take the time to react to those things, but i'm happy i watched it again with u guys, i really loved your way of talking at the end..i had so much fun, and i'm so thankful u did this nice keep going💜

  • I loved your reaction and your comments at the end. Thank you for reacting to them :D

  • Please watch all of their videos

  • So glad you found this channel, all of their videos are amazing, one of the best channels on all of youtube, enjoy going down the rabbit hole of their videos and be sure to post as many reactions to their stuff as you can :)

  • Somebody was on all kind of drugs while making that video 😂🤣 was one hell of a trip

  • Awesome reaction and great discussion at the end! I really enjoyed how you broke down the different parts of the video instead of just giving an overall "review". I'm going to keep an eye out for more videos like that from you ;)

  • Was that a doki doki literature club reference that i heard?

  • I loved this!!! I know you choose your videos by what people on your patron so I hope you'll be also react to the BTS Festa 2019. It was fantastic.

  • You finna watch their 2019 festa dinner now? 👀

  • This was my first time watching this video all the way through! I'm glad I watched it with you guys, it was super fun. Keep up the great content guys💜💜👌

  • Wow I would have never expected ya'll to watch this, let alone make a reaction of it! But I'm very interested to watch your reaction of it, I absolutely loved this dinner party <3

  • after i watched the movie, can anyone explain the ending pls? Sidney dies. His wife died, but his wife was still alive later (earlier) so I assume that was a hallucination? So how do the 3 timelines interact? what does it all mean?

  • hay you miss out Andrew Garfield was in one of the Doctor who episode call pigs in manhattan

  • 4:14 I've only just noticed the framed magazine is SugarApe. Highly recommend people watch Nathan Barley if they want more Brooker.

  • Btw the tallest among them is RM not Jungkook

  • 14:46 i mean... I would watch a 12 hour video of them doing nothing or sleeping 🤷‍♀️

  • Andy Weir wrote The Martian and Artemis. The books.

  • This is pretty much what Hinduism is "Brahman" the ultimate being...everything in him

  • I never thought u would actually watch long videos thanks for doing this Edit: i also cant believe i actually watched 99.8% of this whole video but im glad i did. You were getting distracted by the cat a lot bu i love cats so i can let it pass. I liked your commentary and discussion at the end.

  • Thanks for sharing your commentary! I also watched this video for the first time with you guys lol

  • I don't believe in any of that but goddamn my inner child went wild watching that.

  • I'm surprised you've watched this!

  • didn't LEMMINO do this first

  • 9:10 - How much do I have to donate to get you guys to read/listen to The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins?? Because you need to educate yourselves from that side too, it's much more evidence-based revealing of why religion exists & how easy & freeing it is to live without it, to LIVE FOR NOW & not for some imaginary fantasy afterwards.

    • @Alex Papas That's why I left a time stamp of Greg referring to a book he read. Maybe you completely misunderstood what they said after the 'film'...

    • From what side? Obviously you misunderstood the video completely....

  • Just want to say *your cat so cute* >A<)/

  • Cute story, but there ain't a darn thing after we die. We won't exist anymore than we did before we were conceived. Trust me, I been there & done that. That's why I became an atheist & why these kinds of fantasies are kind of annoying to me... 😕🤔😕🤔😕

    • @Maximilian I'm sorry, how exactly does having MEDICAL SCIENCE (which the ignorant religious have the problem with, btw) bring me back from being clinically dead for over an hour, have ANYTHING to do with proving atheism wrong??? I was raised indoctrinated (ie, brainwashed from birth) by a bible literalist family, and until I had the first NDE, I had no reason to think my delusional fantasy of afterlife wasn't true. It was AFTER I woke up from the 6 weeks medical coma, I found out how long I'd been dead before they found me, which led to questions I had, which led to family giving me some pretty BS answers, or refusing to discuss it at all, which led to me doing my own research when I got home, which gave me ALL THE ANSWERS I needed. If you care enough to want to know what's TRUE & FACTUAL, instead of just believing what makes you comfortable, then go look up Seth Andrews & Paulogia here on youtube. Any open mind can learn the truth, it takes a closed mind to hold tight to comforting lies...

    • @b m Nice of you to make so many "guesses", but I'm older than you and got over MY "existential bullshit" when I already died twice & those experiences alone, besides the years of research I've done since, have given me all the answers I need to KNOW 100% there is NO AFTERLIFE. It's the willfully ignorant childish whiners who need a pacifier that still believe that crap, or still have a "crisis" over it! Nice try, go home, you're the one who's drunk!

    • “Been there and done that”? You have absolutely no proof that nothing happens after death 😂😂 Unless you’re implying that you’ve already experienced death, which would contradict your atheism. Any individual has just as much right to believe in reincarnation or a God as you have the right to believe there is nothing but dirt and bones. So when you put it that way, your beliefs are pretty sad to have chosen when none of the beliefs have concrete proof?

    • You do realize the person that wrote this is a science fiction short story author right ? Key word fiction, it’s a harmless story that somehow annoys you. If I had to guess it annoyed you because your having existential anxiety and also I’d guess that your like 12 years old stop being such a little shit and don’t get so worked up over “ fantasies “

    • Bernice Panders The video isn’t to make you believe in a god because the channel that animated it isn’t about that, I’d say it’s more about the philosophy that comes with the story. That you should treat everyone like they are you, to be kind, have sympathy and empathy for all people

  • hi you are bullshit Greg and john because you always make a joke about a movie that i'm excited for fuck the reel rejects

  • Loved the reaction and your thoughts at the end! ARMY I need a meme of the cat 🐈 meowing over Yoongi talking. That was perfect!!!! 😆

  • Nicely done

  • Awesome that you watched this one.

  • I mean anytime chandler dances is gold for me.

  • Rotten egg

  • Wait, so I am you guys?

  • Thanks for watching, Reject Nation! What's your interpretation or takeaway from this short story?! - Please *Hit That Like Button* & Please *SUBSCRIBE* If You Enjoyed Our Video - The Egg Short Story *Original Link* : - More vids from *Kurzgesagt* Click Here:

    • It's the "don't let your friends lose their swagger" campaign and it's next level gold!!!

    • 9:10 - How much do I have to donate to get you guys to read/listen to The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins?? Because you need to educate yourselves from that side too, it's much more evidence-based revealing of why religion exists & how easy & freeing it is to live without it, to LIVE FOR NOW & not for some imaginary fantasy afterwards.

    • Yo

  • The Egg: A Star Wars Story. Let's face it, you _know_ Star Wars could do it if it could.

  • Glad you watched this! I love this video and the channel

  • W E A R E T H E E G G

  • Imagine this as a Full Movie!

  • I had 1 hour 20 minutes of free time before sleep. Just spend it all by watching this.😅

  • 😍

  • Eggciting video guys. Let's hope this video cracks you up. Eggcellent.

  • Tied for number 1 with Marvels Avengers

  • awsome reaction

  • How cool was it when the cat came while yoongi was talking hshs

  • Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever sat through an hour long reaction before but this was nice. It felt like it went by quickly.

  • Festa

  • mukbang is not how its pronounced so you guys know, its mokpang. mok= eat and pang= room

  • "jhope is like in a reverie." hahaha jhope and v have low alcohol tolerance. that's about it. lol they're vulnerable because they always aim to be real... 💜 and this set-up is bts. this is not an interview with a 3rd party. 😊 bts is a family really. i guess that's why ARMY is very much attached... you simply become a part of this great huge family. 💜

  • I can't believe I watched all of this lmaoo. Your end talk was great also your cat is adorable. I enjoyed watching this reaction thank youu

  • liking the video before watching it cause you like the reactors and the video itself :’)))))

  • Thanks u sooooooooooooo much!!!!!!

  • Why do you guys have to react to cringe?

  • Nowadays many companies try to create the 'next BTS', desperately looking for the 'secret of their success' and playing in such a dirty way. But it is something they will never achieve. The great love they have for their work is no joke. Just as the love and respect they have for each other, it has been fundamental for them to be where they are now, people see sincerity in them, that is why they have such a large and strong fandom. "ARMY was the one who made us." "There will be no second BTS." "We just want to be BTS of the 21st century."

  • Pls react to types of IPL fans by Gaurav V Navada

  • Lol I enjoy your reaction but no, it has nothing to do with cultural differences. No one really talks about their private trips or messages to each other in SK like BTS. Idols are usually pretty private and careful when it comes to their private activities (not that BTS aren't, they're just much more open).


  • Im so gonna get a patreon because of this💜💜💜💜 thanks for reacting to them even tho the video was long af :) Just gotta make sure how patreon works aishhh

  • WOW I never thought you all would react to this, and yeah they were kinda trolling Suga cuz he's a sweet heart but not as outwardly affectionate so him sending that text and saying I love u, was a big deal. As for Jungkook they gotta take there chances to tease him cuz he trolls them on the daily😂 and I gottta say ur overall analysis of them at the end was spot on. I really appreciate ur reactions, there's alot of crackhead like humor (which I love) but I never feel like ur taking things or BTS as a joke, ur having fun but not making fun of... if that makes any sense. Anyway thanks 💜 sorry this was so long

  • You guys REALY LEACH out of other people hard work tbh

  • I was surprised with your analysis at the end. You had paid much more attention than I had thought. It was really good. This is not really a show like a script. It is more of a reflective talk where they look back and talk about the past year, worries and concerns, etc. They do it for their fans every year around time of anniversary. Not a regular thing artists do in Korea. You should check out the one they did this year. I love hearing the conversations. Specially RM and Suga's

  • "Rub BTS" is a show they do..challenges etc..very funny

  • Kelly’s Hero’s one of my favorite movies. So many stars are in it. Donald Southerland is so funny as a hippy dippy guy.

  • I could listen to you guys commentary for hours.

  • Old republic will make a great movie. Literally. The plot. Everything about it is amazing

  • RM got a comment saying that "he's a good leader" then he replied that the members are the ones making him a good leader.

  • I just gave the most dramatic ass gasp and screamed YES

  • I'm surprised you reacted to this because it's so long. Thanks! Please watch Run BTS, it's a variety show by BTS where they play games and compete. That's how people really get to know BTS. It's on Vlive, just type in Run Bts. My favorite episodes are 31, 34, 41, 44, 51, 65, 84. They are all 30 minutes or less. All armys watch Run BTS.

  • there is absolutely NOTHING WRONG with thor ragnarok!!!!

  • I literally have watched this dinner party like more than 3 times. Thanks your reaction. 💜💜💜

  • React to 2019 too.. this one is 2018 right? They done this every year

  • Jungkook is youngest

  • Avengers is the best cross over ever. Reject nation and struggle nation: hold my beer

  • You guys should definitely check out the BTS festa from this year sometime! It’s about the same length as this video and it’s really great to watch! I love this video and the one from this year I think is even better. I love how both of these videos are just like them hanging out and eating and relaxing and talking. It is so great to see them so relaxed and comfortable and it’s always so great to see how open and honest and genuine they always are as well

  • Also they reacted like that about suga sending the text because suga doesn’t show his emotions like that often lol

  • bring him back more 👍👍👍

  • Hi guys, I have watched your reactions to many different topics for quite a long time now. We are of a similar age, and have many of the same interests in the movie/TV world - interests that I am usually very happy to be vocal about. One of the interests that I am often less vocal about, however, is BTS; people can often be quite critical and dismissive of those who like K-pop bands. This is why I can comfortably say that your reaction today is, to me, one of the best reactions you have ever done. Not because it was necessarily the most exciting video that you've reacted to, but because of the genuine respect (tempered with just the right amount of poking fun!) that you are showing a group I admire, and by extension the respect you are showing the group's fans. BTS tend to be hilarious and goofy-as-hell, but also thoughtful and philosophical, and in-turn I think you offer that as reactors. It's a really nice fit. I'd of course love to see you react to more BTS videos in future. In particular, I think something that you would enjoy is the 8 episode documentary series BTS: Burn the Stage. It's an intimate and frequently hilarious chronicle of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the world tour that cemented BTS' fame. It's absolutely fascinating to get a real sense of both the backstage and onstage drama, whilst at the same time being very uplifting. For copyright reasons you would have to watch it on Patreon, but I'm sure a lot of the BTS army would be interested in following you over there since you've been providing such funny and interesting perspectives on BTS videos.

  • 48:08 Still here wassuuuuup! 💪

  • Btw this isn’t a show lol bts does this kinda thing once a year for their anniversary

  • about jungkook -- bts is actually the reason why he got over his huge shyness and quietness from back in the day. when they first started out he used to be super camera shy, used to not talk much, and was reserved even around the members. he was not only the youngest among them but really young for industry age in general (15 in korean age which is around 13-14 in our international age). their ceo and main producer even shared once that before bts debuted there was a point where he even doubted that jungkook would be able to debut, since he couldn't sing when people asked him to. he was that shy. and it's all thanks to the 6 members who act like doting older brothers who brought him outside of that shell. and that overt doting is something that never stopped, which is what's always present in their interactions with jungkook. evne when they tease him, they tease him differently like other members. it's always with some sort of fond feeling. another thing that crossed my mind while listening to your end discussion was how you guys talked about how you wonder if this vulnerability and openness is a cultural difference or something. not really. it's actually goes against almost everything the korean idol industry is about. the usual kpop industry is about "idol" being a "perfect/flawless" being, selling perfection in every sense. that's why even the smallest things could harm kpop idol's images. that's why most idols don't have any say in their creative processes, etc. it's all very controlled usually what they can and can't share. in bts' cases that's something they have been going against from the start. they've been part of creating processes, telling their own stories since the start. they've been sharing behind the scenes everyday life things with fans since the beginning. they use their twitter like any other normal twitter user and not like how idols used to use it only just for promo stuff mostly. they are very open and down to earth with their fan interactions and also with each other. which isn't a cultural difference but just something purely them. which is why they are different in so many people's eyes. even their good relationship as a group is unlike the kpop industry norm, most kpop groups don't end up close to each other as a group, they are mostly working colleagues and only few friendships form between some members. but bts is said to be different even in that regard and it is something ppl in the industry have been saying as well. in a lot of ways that's why fans tend to ask new people not to equate their experience with bts and how they are to kpop overall. bc bts are an unique case in a lot of ways not just in western context but in their own industry as well.

  • I think it's good that you forgot the camera while watching this long video. But hey I'm of them who watch it till the end cause I'm curious what you guys would say.

  • What in the world I never would think you’d react to this lmao. This is kinda wild for y’all to see because y’all aren’t even that big fans lmao.

  • *” sexy ass “* 😂

  • Wow that was unexpected, but I appreciated it!! It's been a while since you guys first saw a bts video and I see how much your opinions have changed. I wouldn't mind if you did the 2019 festa too :p

  • Hi!!! Have you ever listened to Vietnamese song? Please react to the MV: Hay Trao Cho Anh (Give it to me) by Son Tung M-TP featuring Snoop Dogg and starring Madison Beer. This MV is so amazing, the song is really catchy, I believe you will love it after watching. So hope to see your reaction soon!! Thanks so much!!!!

  • Greg's "You mean nothing" almost made me click out, but I was already 47 minutes in. Might as well finish it . 😂

  • wow i never expect you guys to react to this! thank you !

  • Please react to WEEKLY IDOL BTS ep 229. It's really funny😄😄😄

  • Wow I just spent an hour chilling watching this, thanks guy^

  • Actually, BTS is one of the rare Kpop groups who are actually honest, super thoughtful, and open with each other (to the fans as well), as well as having great chemistry. They obviously are not gonna share everything in their life, but they'll be honest and open. It's one of the reasons why many people got into them. Not a lot of groups have what BTS have, and even rookie groups strive to have the chemistry and sincerity BTS have because BTS are such role models to them.

  • CAT!!!😆 Thank you.. the after thoughts just 😭

  • 1:02 Greg has become a cyberman

  • Festa 2019 please react... 😁

  • wow you really gave us 1 hours plus of bts content wah

  • Loved it! I loved your ending talk segement. Now I want yall to see the one from this year too. Bts attic talk 2019 🥺💕