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Welcome to Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link! Tune in every Monday-Friday to watch us eat truly unbelievable things, explore surprising new products and trends, compete in original games with celebrity guests, implement serious experiments in hilarious ways, and more.
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  • 9:00 what

  • Wheat Thiccs. I am literally crying

  • Frank and beans....cOoKies 😂😂😂

  • what about chippy kiyay!?

  • Wow, I think the stabbing was more personal then that candy. 🙄

  • "I'm gonna be tasting Janet, like, 3 hours from now." - Rhett 2019

  • This show just keeps me coming back!

  • Really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.

  • Ring the bell!!! Go Phillies!!!

  • I absolutely love that they bring even the packaging to life

  • Thought I was early...

  • so beefngo is a real thing now🥴

  • Rhett just called Josh imperfect

  • Wouldn't the Chips Yeehaw be better reversed? Bean mix cookie with buffalo sauce beans?

  • Damn, I love mythical crew and want more episodes with them!

  • I remember I used to watch Team Edge and Mathias.

  • Rhett looks like Damnyell if he got into modeling

  • 13:30 Best thing I’ve heard today😂

  • They must have the worlds best clean up crew

  • 9:02 my sides what?

    • so much brain fart even the brain was like ,dude wtf.

  • i like them bean cookies

  • 6:18 I think the saying Rhett was looking for is "It sticks to your ribs." Like a good beef stew.

  • As an eater of vegan cheese, you should never eat vegan cheese on its own..

  • It's sick, it's piss.

  • Maybe even a happy childhood... damn GMM don’t attack me like that 😂

  • Rhett at the end makes me think of Damniel almost

  • Buffalo NY in the house!!! Although, I don’t think we’re going to adopt that cookie anytime soon

  • *Rhett goes dark* maybe even a happy childhood! . . . Link:...what about food?

  • creating legitimate looking product (wrappers) is one of the props dept's best flexes.

  • I saw in one of the 4K Taiwanese street food video where they made this exact ice cream burrito.

  • Somebody call Franku cuz alien survived that cocaind after all

  • Josh is just one of those dudes who never finishes first.

  • Yoursoloud is going to just have a field day with this episode 😂😂

  • wheat thiccs, for all multiverse travelers of culture

  • Missed a golden opportunity with chips a howdy

  • This must be a series love it


  • "It's so blendy!"-Rhett 2019

  • Emily is my spirit animal

  • Josh just should just not be allowed to talk on the show. He tries way too hard to be funny. He doesn't have that loveable goofiness like Rhett and Link, but tries so hard to.

  • 2:25 thats sweden not finland i am swedish and thats sweden

  • I saw "Food Fea...." and got so excited thinking it was food fears 😂😭

  • "You don't want a luke warm Janet" 🤣🤣

  • So this is why Josh has been in the gym.... Preparing for this very moment. What an admirable attempt.

  • Rhett trying to teach Link how to slurp right had me in tears 🤣

  • 11:40 Says so calmly “It’s so slimy”

  • _The more you eat the not as bad as you thought it would be it doesn’t get_ -Link2019

  • 👍😀

  • You would see this stuff on the interstellar cable box from rick and morty

  • Can you fancify burger Kings whopper

  • "Im a hard bean man myself"

  • Was this a Rick and Morty reference?

  • When Rhett said a happy childhood. I felt attacked

  • It is my birthday y'all what a way to celebrate

  • Dude I did that to an egg and got 1st degree burns on my face. I had my glasses on and that’s the only thing that saved me from burns on my eyes.

  • Starting from the beginning and gonna go straight through. LEEEETS DO EEEET

  • That Multiverse Munchies title is pretty good actually.

  • That means there is a universe where gmmore is before gmm 🤯

  • Happy Canadian Thanksgiving y’all 🥘

  • The packaging wins it for me amazing work Josh and whoever did the packaging !

  • Hi guys

  • 13:40 at this point I ask “what has this become?”😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • ah, my favorite fruit, the nerf football

  • First time seeing this. Love this.

  • When I heard "Wheat Thiccs" I imagined just a loaf of bread


  • Not as good as Beans and Franks cookies I guess 😂

  • slim jims are fire

  • Didn’t Sam from iCarly invent the Slurp Janet?

  • So there's a universe where Bad Realistic Evening exists?

  • My aunt's parot can say Bill

  • I love how Link always finds "redemptive qualities" in bad candy lol

  • I haven't seen you guys laugh like that in a while. Thanks, this vid was hilarious.

  • Bad normal night

  • Loaves of bread are just Wheat Thiccs. Change my mind

  • "I'm going to be tasting Janet three hours from now!" Giggity.

  • Finally buffalo gets some recognition

  • "I think that our universe is really one of many with many parallel mes stretching to infinity doing activities similarly to me, yet at the same time done slightly differently, And seemingly right now they could be thinking this same thought as me. Well, a similar thought but not the same thought exactly."

  • I feel like they’re just eating r/sbubby foods

  • Should’ve tried to collaborate with twins

  • There must be a parallel universe that doesn't have parallel universes, so our universe and all other parallel universes mustn't exist. 💇

  • The chao vegan slices are a product of Greece? I doubt that!


  • Who else wants them to do a tournament of the Best Halloween candies like Last year

    • They announced that they're doing that! Wait a week or so :)

  • oh you ignorant little dumbasses with your 'murican "cheese"

  • When they mention Twin Peaks <3

  • that's a Harris Wittels joke

  • “Seems normal” “Yeah thank you”

  • *I don’t think I want to be sherif of Bean Town* Rhett 2019

  • Thiccs 😂

  • josh needs more recognition

  • That's how I imagine being 40+ years old is going to be 13:37

  • Man. They are getting old.

  • Should’ve been beans yeehaw as there aren’t any chips

  • 13:00-13:30 *aggressive slurping noises*

  • In one Universe Link may actually know if he likes tomatoes or not

  • Our Josh still needs to chill. Alternate Hsoj needs to llic, seriously...

  • This is the funniest episode I have seen in a while with their commentaries.

  • Theoretically, parallel universes are usually almost identical to our own. There COULD be a alternate universe where we could have tails, but it wouldn't be likely.

  • You got me watchin ‘ cause o them wheat thiccs...