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Retro gaming fun!
Please enjoy!
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I'm your host Johnny Millenium and I review forgotten games that not many people know about but should!
Also I will review some big time releases for fun.
I also just love looking back on the golden days of gaming past.
"Other people review games and bash them.
I just want to review cool games that I think KICK ASS!"
I'm no fanboy of any one system I have them all, I just like good games on any system.
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  • Love you johnny and Robman. May your every chrismas be this happy

  • In no particular order 1. Persona 5 2. Breath of the wild 3. Yo Kai watch 4. Star Wars the force unleashed 5. Terraria 6. Freaky forms deluxe 7. Mario kart ds 8. Kingdom hearts 9. Titanfall 2 10. Punch out (Wii)

  • Is it weird that I get as excited as you guys when you get these gift exchanges going? I honestly look forward to this every year (I've only been subbed to you for a couple of years, so it makes me wonder how much more excited I'd be if I saw you do these for more years) and these episodes never fail to get me excited living vicariously through you two and your friendship! So honestly wholesome and I can't describe enough how great it is to see you guys interacting with such enthusiasm for each other's genuine excitement! Thank you for all the great years and hopefully many more to come!! :D

  • In my top 10 are: Star Control, Herzog Zwei, Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday, Toejam and Earl

  • I just started playing shenmue 3 and it is a masterpiece.

  • Always look forward to the Christmas special, each year. Been watching for about 6 or 7 years now.

  • What's funny is that I was watching this while wrapping my own presents, and I have that exact same Santa wrapping paper!

  • i love you guys!! SALUDOS DESDE MEXICO

  • All final fantasy games

  • I put the video on my “watch later” list, to enjoy with my coffee and doughnut in the morning but I just couldn’t resist Here I am watching it at night before hitting the hay Love the content Johnny and Rob Merry Christmas 🎁🎄

  • Wow~ Has it already been 12 years? Rob is such a good person and a great friend. I'm glad you guys have kept up with this for over a decade. I always enjoy watching this. Even though I don't receive gifts, I try to get gifts for friends & family if I can. Unfortunately, I can't this year. 😭 But I have a lot to be thankful for. 2019 has been very rough for me. You know, I was a bit disappointed that they didn't include Mega Man & Bass on the _Legacy Collection_ games. Johnny and Rob Man ... Please never change. You guys have been awesome over the years.

  • Why so many rings Robman?

  • just watched all of the Christmas vids and I loved them. I only just found you this year but I love what you do. Keep on going strong!

  • Merry Christmas Rob & Johnny! I look forward to these videos more than Christmas morning :)

  • That signed mega man print is amazing 🙌 ❤️ wow...

  • Watching you guys fills me with joy and excitement, the build up to Christmas has now begun.

  • Oh shit the annual Christmas special...wait while I grab some eggnog

  • if you want to play an awesome strategy game you should really try total war warhammer 2.

  • I’m new here. Have been around a few months. Someone recently mentioned that this was a tradition in another video so I watched a bunch. I honestly love your friendship and this is such a great tradition

  • I got my Subway, my Pepsi Twist and my Happy Console Gamer Christmas Special. Today is great.

  • I know I'm not the only one going through some of the old HCG Xmas Specials after seeing the latest one, so if you're also here getting into the holiday spirit cheers!! From my Parappa, Boo, Bebop, and Scrooge adorned tree to yours!

  • I look forward to these every year. Thank you Johnny and Rob Man for keeping the tradition alive. Happy Holidays to you and your families!

  • Merry Christmas dudes

  • Another great Christmas episode! Now the holiday season can begin! Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Merry Christmas guys ! Thanks for another year of amazing videos and hopefully many more !

  • Loved the episode. Great energy as usual. Amazing gifts! 👍

  • kidshryuken is the man, love his vids

  • Merry christmas robman and johnny, happy to see a christmas special again together with your bestfriend for so many years😄

  • It’s not officially a very Merry Christmas until the HCG Christmas Special comes out! Happy Holidays Johnny and Rob Man!

  • Johnny you always have to put your eye right on the box and cut towards it.

  • It's finally the Christmas season! E3 reactions and the Christmas Special are my two favourite videos of the year. I love your friendship, guys. Thanks for inviting us into your lives to share in the memories! Merry Christmas to you both! =)

  • That signed Megaman 11 poster is awesome!!

  • I get so damn nostalgic during these episodes.

  • Nicee... My favorite game of all time is CHRONO CROSS

  • Wolf among us 2 trailer was good. Im happy that game is still coming out.

  • You need some 'Code Red'. Do they still make code red? I want some code red.

  • Been watching this in addition to the new 2019 one whilst wrapping gifts for people.. Thanks for sharing such a great special every year! It's great to be able to share / give gifts to people that you've had a history with (from childhood / early years to present) as seen in this video where you can kinda base it off of stuff you were into back then or know stories about one another regarding the item itself.. Your gifts and friendship remind me of me and a buddy's, nostalgic for old school Thundercats / Masters of the Universe / etc. Cheers!

  • It’s...time

  • Bravo good sirs, you have been thoroughly satisfied another man on this day. Merry Christmas guys! <3

  • Merry Christmas buddies!!!!

  • Did he say his friend In japan was named jimmy haffa?! 😂

  • I got a Sega Master System for Christmas as a kid when it first came out and almost fainted.

  • I wish you guys had Christmas everyday on here, but it’s always a treat to see this every year.🥰

  • I’m so glad Death Stranding won 3 awards because it deserves to win some awards. But I’m extremely happy that Sekiro won game of the year because I thought RE 2 Remake was gonna win because a lot of people I heard complaining about the Sekiro game being so hard so I was caught off guard when the game won. Also yeah the game awards had way to many advertisements in the show Geoff needs to work on that.

  • I have only watched a little at the beginning so far but why show the megaman legends standee without the crotch rub?????

  • I LOVE this Christmas episodes!!!You both share so much joy and happiness with these, you surprise each other and feels real, so good

  • Merry Christmas

  • Johnny u r da best friend ever..

  • I cannot lie, the Christmas special makes my December perfect... Merry Christmas to Rob, yourself, Kim and anyone reading this.

  • I always look forward to the Christmas Specials. They're so wholesome.

  • Yes , love these Christmas specials🙌🏻

  • Thanks for sharing. Love the Christmas Special.

  • I need a Neo-Geo pillow for sure :D

  • Merry Christmas guys! Love the channel and really enjoy the Xmas specials.

  • Great vid guys!

  • It would have been around ten years ago when I subscribed to this fantastic channel. I was fourteen then. You, Classic Game Room, MN12BIRD, Gamester81 and many others were very inspiring to me and were the reason I started my own channel in 2012 (I'm still uploading, which surprises me!). Thanks so much for being a part of the beginning of the retro gaming scene on IT-tvs and turning it into something amazing.

  • Great review. Grandia is my favourite game of all time. I’ll be buying a switch just for this

  • This is legendary! Merry Christmas everyone!:)

  • now its Christmas

  • Always the funnest of times with you two

  • I love your Christmas episodes! That means I’ve been subbed for a little over a year now. So glad I found your channel. By far the best video game youtuber. You come across so genuine. I love it.

  • I've been watching your channel for years now and I couldn't miss this. I was probably as excited as Rob. Awesome video guys!. But one of my favorite all time memories of christmas was when I got my super nintendo and the games I got. I ended up getting the system Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Final Fantasy III and Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals. I was a happy person for the longest time.

  • Awesome

  • Robman! I have that same sweater!!! I wore it for Ugly Xmas sweater day last week at work!!!

  • Intro music is from Tekken if anyone is wondering

  • I have waited a year for this moment

  • Very wholesome content

  • Vanal hearts!! That’s my favourite. Still hoping for a port or remake of this maybe be in 2020

  • Please watch my shenmue 3 vid im new to reviewing

  • 🙌🏽🎮🖤🎮🙌🏽

  • My amazing Christmas memory is from 2011, few months before December I had finally moved out of my mothers house, at the age of 24. That should've happened sooner but meh, it is what it is. So, Christmas came around, and for the first time ever I woke up at Christmas day not at my mothers house. It was one of those "this is what an adult life is" moment. So with nothing to do and nothing planned I watched your channel and, not sure exactly what video triggered it, but I decided to play phantasy star. So I downloaded some sega masters emulator and a phantasy star ROM. I spent some hours playing, ate good food and drank quality beer. It was essentially the best way to start Christmas of adulthood I could think of. I never actually finished phantasy star, I just played it over the holidays, I probably didn't even get close to properly begin playing. Every Christmas since then I think about that game and that I should pick it up again, maybe I will this Christmas. So thank you Johnny for playing this role in my Christmas, both these specials and making me play phantasy star all these years way back.

  • Incredibly jealous of the bond you two share. Merry Christmas guys! Please enjoy, be safe, and stay warm!

  • I am warmed to the ❤🎄

  • Merry X-Manmas Robman and Johnny. Love you guys. Thanks for the entertainment for another year !

  • Bravely Default II is a brand new game, and as the next main numbered entry, like Final Fantasy, is a brand new story with new characters.

  • Towards the eye, thanks! And to think I've been doing wrong all these years.

  • Rob you need another ring?

  • Joyeux Noël from France !

  • So awesome guys. Keep on rocking and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Yesssssss

  • Jewelry dealer: How many rings did you want? Robman: Yes

  • Awesome vid. As stated this is a christmas tradition. Brings back memories of being a kid. Not only the but shows your never to old to get in the Christmas spirit!

  • The butterfly knife lol

  • Just like Oprah hahah

  • Greetings from Serbia ^-^ so happy

  • I think they need to redo remake in this engine. To compete the new trilogy, and code veronica. But dont touch 4. That's where they should stop.

  • Tis` the season , bring on the Saint Nick exchanges

  • I am definitely waiting until my week off from work to watch this! I love you guys, merry Christmas.

  • Merry Christmas you guys, i think you'd be proud that i got my secret Santa the D&D starter set and treated myself to Battle Angel Alita volume 1

  • Ok was waiting on this , you guys are the best of the best, a toast 🥂 for real friends

  • I was 18/19 I believe when I first saw you guys I’m now 27

  • Robman!

  • It’s always a delight watching you guys together and how much of a amazing friendship you have :) You guys are funny and those gifts are awesome

  • Thank you so much for all the awesome content you put out Johnny. I’ve been watching the show for years and look forward to the Christmas vids every year. It brings a smile to my face and rejuvenates my love for gaming :)

  • Merry Christmas Johnny, Kim, Rob and the family. Wishing you guys happiness, good health and plenty of awesome games in the new year. It's videos and content like this that makes this channel so special. 🤘

  • I look forward to this every year. Merry Christmas, guys!

  • Merry Christmas guys, here's to another year of gaming

  • The holidays tend to be a depressing time for me, but this tradition you guys have always makes me happy.

  • Amazing Christmas memories.... Watching johhny and Robman every year for the Christmas special

  • You know Rob is happy when he goes into little girl scream mode