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Why I stopped.
Why I stopped.3 giorni fa
Forbidden memes
Forbidden memes3 giorni fa
It's time to STOP!
It's time to STOP!14 giorni fa
Best Week Ever.
Best Week Ever.25 giorni fa
Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves3 mesi fa
Kids3 mesi fa


  • Where I live we get -30 but we also get 30 so yay!

  • I am from Georgia. You are best youtuber You wear georgian clothes

  • September 2019

  • My brain:Are you going to sleep? Me:ye now shut up My brain:I just understand Mumbo Jumbo's language and Minecraft Enchanting Table language Me:we don't need 2 raid Area 51 0_0

  • I want a 100mill skate deck not gonna lie ! felix should add it

  • All are bots

  • do a poop

  • epic how felix can get #2 on trending for gaming on a non gaming video

  • Too Much Drama

  • How about Shriner's Hosipital for Children or St Jude's Children's Research Hospital for the charity? And also, have you thought about doing like a Pew News for good things? Like upcoming game, movie, or song releases? Or like when a little doggy gets rescued? Or like when some random dude helps the almost-at-the-end-of-her-life old woman across the street? That could be cool to watch and it might help your image since it keeps getting wrecked by internet idiots for no reason.

  • Esli you prochital eto to stav laik cyka blat

  • I hope you can add Vietnamese subtitles

  • Felix: Me and Marzia dont know if we want a child... BBC: *PEWDIEPIE HATES BABIES*

  • Donate to CHEO

  • Please put a flat earth for your news... :-)


  • Omggggg your still donating so why is this an issue . People must have a lot of spare time to just spread a message about something that isn't that deep 😂

  • Did Pewdiepie at 12:05 call Star Wars Marvel?

  • "i'm not apologizing to these lunatics anymore". this will be my new mantra. thanks felix.

  • Hey, why don’t we report about how suicide and depression is at an all time high, instead of bashing pewd’s for a small oopsie

  • هل يوجد عرب

  • *Well...I guess this is going to be my first 12 hour video I'mma gunna watch...* Not asking for streams like this lol, but any Minecraft creators similar to Pewds? Like, are funny & stuff? Recommendations? 🤔

  • copy tseries clothing, they are the most popular so...

  • People at my school still say fortnite is better than minecraft

  • Im not apologizing anymore" I was so glad to hear this

  • This scoring system made me realise that pewds is the son of the sweedish chef

  • Pewds: marrys marzia Media: omg he's making fun of virgins

  • Fuc t series

  • 13:00 just when the screen faded to black,I shouted “WHAT!! you never played tuber simulator 😂😂

  • 4:30 When you find something op and you don't want your team to know😂

  • Ciao sono un hater tuo e ti odio

  • Dont care about them pew ,they just stupid You always got the 9 years old army on your side

  • LWIAY Continue Meme review = Continue Pew NewS = Is back Cringe Tuesday: Am I joke to you?

  • Ha craysy

  • 1.25.30

  • I completly understand where you'Te coming from with stopping Pew News, and well done for speaking up. However I hope you continue to give your opinion on different things happening in the community and giving a voice for smaller channels. That was what was interesting not the drama.

  • Take the piss out of it and they will leave you alone

  • Pewdipe: breaths News journalists: he's making fun of dead people


  • Don't make video about them or I, will report you ok

  • PewDiePie: I'm not apologizing lunatics. PewDiePie's fan : [ happiness sOund

  • #47OnTrendingInIndia Good job Felix!👍

  • #4 trending in india

  • I thank you, because I love your video. Sharing life is great. Yes... I like it...

  • كيف الحال بس؟

  • 12 hours

  • 2:30:00 Streamers burned XD

  • i knew it was pewds viedo when i saw G-Fuel at the thumbnail


  • #TooMuchPlastic

  • 6:03:50 is what I skip to and I'm am now genuinely disturbed

  • Блят достал Русские субтитры делай

  • I love how the title is always very simple . *Very Cool*

  • I didnt know you were streaming F

  • Try hard mode

  • or a charity that rids waterbodies of plastic

  • dont mind me... 2:39:00

  • I dont normally watch your videos but I think I will after watching this

  • Now Pew News is back, I'd like to see again PewDiePie's christian channel

  • Pewds sworing power was over 9000!!!

  • LegosForlittlewarriors was made by my 10 year old friend who passed away a couple months ago. He started it while at saint Jude and it gives legos to kids going through similar struggles. Great content and i doubt you'l see this but its worth a shot.

  • Donate to cancer research

  • 1:59 yh me, you can just swisha mig and i'll handle the rest.

  • Peepepopo's death reminds ruben's death from minecraft story mode :(

  • It reminds me of Ghost Trick

  • Is pewdiepie quiting YT?

  • Junior diabetes research foundation is a foundation me and me girlfriends have tried to raise money for a while now (she is a type 1 diabetic) and is something you might consider looking into. Keep up the awesome work pewds ❤️❤️❤️

  • Me when finding a haunted house:this is scary! and what the haunted house shows me:7:13

  • Never apologise they are dirty dirty smear merchants

  • /cam 2

  • Felix i miss the squad 😢sven anf the others.

  • It's really sad you had to deal with this for such a long time and intensity, it's crazy. Even after all the great things happening this summer. Public Opinion has a lot of power and at the same time can be so easily manipulated.

  • Donate in charitiea that fights global warming, so we can have 4/20/69


  • the legendary poppy gloria pop

  • Donate to St. Judes Child Cancer Research Hospital. They use all the donations to pay for patient medication, treatments and research in which they make open source so other hospitals and groups can use their research.

  • Why is PewDiePie on incognito mode 🤔🤔🤔

  • Pewds i miss you man.. it's been a looooooong time..


  • "No body should care about this internet drama" me: wow, it's been a long time since I felt a video deserved an upvote

  • 2:43:39 Me when there's a spider on the wall

  • PewDiePie has donated 50,000$ to Indian 9 yrs olds India:u think we're poor

  • wtf with those ads

  • It's like yesterday

  • Appearently the modern day german army are nazis for using the iron cross, good job guys.

  • Hey remember when i mined diamond with gravel PEWDS 2019

  • Can you release Bitch Lasagna 3 ? Please

  • No one Literally no one Pewds: I’m kinda....,I’m kinda retarded

  • Ээээ

  • Watching 2019. Still.

  • I HAVE NO EVIDENCE TO BACK UP MY CLAIMS, TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. At this point, make your own charity to fight back the drama and misinformation of journalism. they are supposed to be many people's guidance yet they pretty much get to say whatever they want and the most people can do is make their own video or article talking about why a topic is invalid. especially in fringe news, where I (doubt) there are many, if ANY standards or rules they need to adhere to. I don't have any evidence to say it's true, but I've even heard that some news stations (like 2? I don't know) put in their own actors to portray victims.(source: some youtube video I can't even think of the name of). sure it's not gonna be a charity people agree with but if you can make journalism less biased (they will never be UN-biased, who are we kidding) it would make things so much better for the masses who need REAL info. not some celebrity breakup, but more where disaster relief needs to happen. (at this point I'm just finding anything to bicker about.

  • Pewds: uploads pew news adressing the media Me: omg the media memes are back

  • Stop

  • Btw good job Pewdiepie! You're doing really well.

  • I want to see the watch time on this vid pls

  • Stanlee

  • I started watching this at 8 pm, i slept while watching and now its midnight and pewdipie is still talking here on my screen.

  • 이사람이 퓨디파이구먼!

  • *Pewdiepies child does anything bad* Pewdiepie: OFF TO THE RANCH U GO

  • 永遠支持PewDiePie_(:з」∠)_