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I should really use this more often.


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  • 99% people are here after tik tok ...

    • Not me. been here since Fumes, listened to it in early 2017


  • If anyone is reading this, be safe, things will get better, eventually ♥

  • Love everyone in these comments, you are amazing

  • Why is my screen just black

  • love u eden.

  • I looked up sex for this song, porn showed up

  • Worst of all, I don't understand what's going on, from when she looks at the blade until she has cancer and smile Practically everything. 😂

  • Everytime i replay the video after it ends, i see new scenes that i didn't see before, that's what i always love about the Video in songs ♡•♡

  • Add a G to the old and make it gold! 👌

  • I'm here because I'm looking for the artist who says 'Oh no, I think I'm catching feelings' from TIK TOK you too I think

  • anyone remember when he was called "The Eden Project"? im guessing thats when he was starting music and considering it a project but then so many people started listening, so he just done it full time??

  • nice hit top 10 songs of 2019!

  • People who came here from tiktok, fuck off please

  • I so glad I click on your ablum , you bless my ears

  • It’s crazy it’s been 3 years since this album .

  • been here since Wake Up

  • why eden is so underrated?

  • Already a year? This was one of my faves from the album.

  • Are there anyone who is listening it 2018 or 2019

  • If there anyone who is still cheat by there ex? I am in it 🥺🥺🥺

  • Yesterday my grandpa passed away and day Before yesterday he was listening this song as I told him to and he loved it So much that he was in love with this song . 💛

  • you don't know how much this song means to me

  • Is it weird that I've come back to this video and song almost everyday for the past maybe 2 years?

  • ok bustin out the vr set just to see if i can get this too work

  • te amoo

  • I love you eden

  • Perfeita pra ouvir nesse finalzinho de tarde, Eden sempre me traz uma paz no coração ❤️❤️

  • musically vibes

  • I'm from Brazil and I love this song

  • This my favourite song❤️❤️❤️

  • It's always the end with them talking that hits me the most

  • Damn! *Every time I hear this song* , *I think of stupid Tik Tok streams* .

  • Why does Eden look like Harry styles if instead of going onto make mediocre music he decided to start meth

  • *Tik Tok* , *do you have* to ruin *every song* ?

  • Stop you're gonna make me cry in public <3

  • Hey Siri, define immolate

    • I know this is a joke but it means setting someone on fire.

  • Who’s else from TikTok here ?

  • İsminde hayır yok aq

  • From tiktok*

  • great like always

  • Anyone please make a 1 hour version

  • i dont know why this song make me feel sad

  • Love the song i love you so muck

  • Oh nooo I thhiiiiinnnnkkkk I’m catching feelings

  • I’ll say it once I’ll say it again. Women. Ain’t. Shit. But. Unloyal. Hoes.

  • Watching him grow over the years really brings mix feelings. One per of me is happy for him but then it makes me feel like he isn’t my little underground secret anymore.

  • K19ily

  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice!

  • anyone else realize at 4:05 he shows Orion in the sky, which refers to forever//over "Living under Orion, we grew so bold" Gotta love the small easter eggs in EDEN songs.

  • beni başka bir şey mutlu edemezdi.

  • Anyone still listening to this? Came here for good music for ruff times.

  • I'm in love with this song I just feel like Eden understands the deep sadness that is present in all of us and he just makes music to soothe this pain. Like we're going through this together, our struggles are different but our source of encouragement comes from here

  • I listened to this song, when i was on my way to my gf, so it always reminded me of her. Nobody knew this song, but after my gf broke up w/ me, my coworker and I, who I really liked, hung out together and I pulled out my guitar and he played this song. I was so surprised and for me it was some kind of a “sign” or “connection”, bc nobody knew this song, except me. We met the next day and actually hook up, but in the end he was a huge fuckboy, bc then I realized that he hook up with some girls from my work, and also tried to hook up with my friend the past evening but yeah. I liked him a lot for a short time.


  • ♡♡♡

  • #BR

  • EDEN giving us the iphone x expirence

  • The children’s voices hit different.

  • I just found out that part of the dialogue in the end is from the movie - Lost in translation...Did you guys know?

  • this is my favorite new age eden song

  • It's all just chemicals, anyway..

  • This song hits you in the feels... It just made me feel content in some weird way

  • i would love this song...but the kids at the end give me an existential crisis

  • omg 💟

  • I did a guitar playthrough of rock+roll amp n my channel. Will really appreciate it if you guys check it out. Thanks.

  • these songs keep me up at night, i love it. welp, guess i'm a vampire now.

  • This is the most coolest video ever

  • Im here because of the doo 😂

  • Jeremy Zucker Eden Blackbear would kill in a song together

  • People who knew Eden before tik tok rise up 😁

  • I like this dude (I’m a guy) I told him how i felt and he said he liked me more than friends and he also said he doesn’t wanna he in a relationship (Can I get some tips) I’m head over heels for him😩🤧

  • *tiktok kids searching this song* *tiktok kids shocked*

  • the type of person that'll be in a good mood and turn this song on so they can feel something >

  • Ya necesitaba escuchar su música

  • Song on repeat

  • TikTok

  • And this is why I'm soooo done with tiktok. Yeah I don't give a hell if you found this song thanks to tiktok. That just makes you annoying as hell.


  • Tik tok..... Of course tik tok...

  • Anybody still listening to October 2019?

  • All you wanted was a violent form of love, Felt that

  • Tiktok brought me here Lol😂

  • I swear 3:30 it´s just... I don´t know how to describe it, it makes me feel a lot of things at the same time.

  • Can u make more songs like ur old ones its not like i dont like this one just that i wanted to listen to the old eden style

  • Because tiktok come here,,, Are you also????

  • Ngl I hate the ending to this song

  • I'm from the 909! That's right! Big Bear Lake, California! Woo! #goodnight

  • Tik tok official song lol

  • This song feels like its for me. Literally at end I was so shook. My Jamaican ass couldn't stop smiling. THANK YOU EDEN. I LOVE YOU.

  • 1:13 :there is nothing we can't do right 2:31 :there is nothing we can't do, right?

  • Joder amo tu voz!!😍 todas tus musicas me encantan! 😍❤

  • the fucking hell man at the start 😀

  • People say that falling for someone is like a drug So in that sense, I guess I'm an addict

  • People say that falling for someone is like a drug So in that sense, I guess I'm an addict

  • the only things that connects this song with tiktok is that y’all can’t stop commenting about good god

  • Big fan of Eden since always, i've been 4 days listening to this album over and over, i feel like my life is destroyed, i can't stop crying and i'm so glad i have this music cause i feel like i have someone with me, i wish i had..

  • eden is like a mood i go thru

  • i love the eden commmunity and just reading the comments

  • Can someone please explain the meaning of this song? Is he talking about him not liking being famous? Or him not liking to perform?